New Retro Kitchen Scales from Dotcomgiftshop

Posted by on Feb 20, 2014 | 26 comments

New Retro Kitchen Scales from Dotcomgiftshop

So the very short conversation goes like this.

Dotcomgiftshop – would you like the chance to choose and review one thing from our site?


Dotcomgiftshop have so many things on their site including goodies for your home, garden, children and wedding. And with prices starting well within the £5 bracket there is something for everyone. I spent ages trying to choose something that I like more than everything else. People, it was hard as everything was lovely. Eventually I narrowed it down to either a set of retro kitchen scales or their Moorish stoneware range (which mini chef absolutely loves too, so Christmas pressie ideas sorted).

And the retro kitchen scales won.

I mean, I get this baby right here.

Dotcomgiftshop kitchen scales review

And I am kitchen scale happy. Why?

  •          Is it the nice wide bowl that makes measuring easier?
  •          Is it the lovely splash of colour to brighten any kitchen?
  •          Is it its size, so that it is nice and easy to read the measurements?

I don’t know. I just know that they are cool. So from now on when you see some of my recipes and measurements, you will know what I have been using.

So, head over to dotcomegiftshop and grab yourself some scales and other goodies.

Thank you to dotcomegiftshop for sending me these scales.

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  1. Love the design of it! Wouldn’t mind having one of my own!

    • It is rather nice. I can’t stop planing baking recipes.

  2. These look great, there’s something about retro items in the kitchen, so homely. GG

    • I know. We all need some of these in our kitchen.

  3. Forgot to say, dotcomgiftshop is great. Thanks for introducing me to it. GG

    • No worries GG. Enjoy shopping with them. Check out their enamel plates. Next on my list.

  4. Oh they look lovely! Right colour for my kitchen too.

    • Pop over to dotcomgiftshop. They have them in other colours too.

  5. very pretty! I’d like some old fashioned scales again – the battery in my electric ones keeps going!

    • I am like an excited child. I keep peeking at them.

  6. LOVE it, but then I am a sucker for anything retro! Karen

    • I seem to have joined you in that Karen.

  7. Oh, I do love a retro kitchen! I think the coolest thing ever would be to have a matching red fridge with one of these scales, circa 1950’s style!;-)

    • A red fridge would be so fab. I would looooooooove one.

  8. I have those scales too and I love the look of them, but the bowl is so impractical for pouring things (flour into the sieve) as it has no lip or narrower end, I do get a bit frustrated with it sometimes.

    • Choclette did you get some from the dotcomgiftshop too? I don’t seem to be using a sieve at the moment so I am fine with them. How do you get round it then?

  9. Nice scales. Love the color!

    • The colour goes with my kitchen :)

  10. It is a good shop and I love the colour of the scales but I prefer electronic scales.

    • Would be interesting to know why you prefer electronic scales Jacqueline

  11. Love the retro look!

  12. Haha. I’m right with you in that I love the look of vintage kitchen tools. Plus, free kitchen toy! How exciting is that?

  13. Love the colour of those scales.

  14. Love Dotcomgiftshop, and those scales are very cute!
    Janie x

  15. Nice scales, so cool! Shall be bobbing over to dotcomgiftshop, heard a good deal about it but as yet haven’t ventured over.

  16. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article.

    Many thanks for providing this info.

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