A Personalised Jamie Oliver Apron #Giveaway from Getting Personal

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A Personalised Jamie Oliver Apron #Giveaway from Getting Personal

Getting Personal have a large range of gifts for absolutely every occasion.

Getting Personal Review @ Recies From A Pantry

But the absolutely best bit – they will personalise these gifts for you. So you can easily personalise everything from phone cases to champagne glasses, children’s swings to vintage jewellery boxes and from gardening crates to slate serving boards. A great idea when shopping for unique Christmas gifts or birthday gifts.

Getting Personal Review @ Recies From A Pantry
They are also the only UK retailer who are licensed to personalise things from the Jamie Oliver range which include items like a gorgeous wooden antipasti serving board and a seasoning block.

Getting Personal Review @ Recies From A Pantry
I am excited to tell you that the team at Getting Personal are giving one of you the chance to win a personalised denim apron from the Jamie Oliver range worth ยฃ39.99. Guaranteed to impress your friends and family as you whip up your in your kitchen and barbeques.

To be in with a chance of winning this apron, all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter form below. You can even win extra entries by tweeting and sharing some of my recipes each day. This giveaway is open to UK entrants only and runs until September 8th 2014.

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  1. A big beer mug.

  2. Some kind of kitchenware with my name on

  3. Toothbrush Holder or mug

  4. a wine glass

  5. A silver keyring with my family’s names on it would be lovely xxx

  6. Would love to receive a leather iPhone case with my initials on.

  7. A bar of chocolate.

  8. Why not a Toilet Seat :)

  9. Rolling Pin

  10. A personalized christmas jumper xx

  11. I’d love a personalised duvet – with ‘do not disturb mummy until after 8am!’

  12. Nice big mulit-use bowl to eat soup/salads out of, so no one else will use it and dirty it up when I am ready to use it. :-)

  13. Lovely Christmas Jumper

  14. a necklace

  15. a giant bar of whole nut chocolate

  16. Bottle Opener

  17. Some pajamas

  18. A bottle of whisky

  19. A personalized pair of high heel shoes

  20. A giant bottle of gin

  21. A mug

  22. A lighter

  23. toothbrush holder

  24. Ruby Clada ring

  25. A nice bracelet with personalised charms.

  26. A mug for work – it goes missing all the time!

  27. A cheeseboard, I love cheese

  28. A road bike

  29. wooden spoons

  30. anything from joseph joseph

  31. a necklace

  32. Apron that says “Queen Mama”


  34. i want a personalized mug ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. something for the kitchen

  36. A new slow cooker:) x

  37. Personalised cushion x

  38. I would love a gardening crate, they look fab!

  39. I really like the allotment/planter crates, think they’re fab! x

  40. Some warm Long johns

  41. Slippers

  42. A beer mug

  43. dressing gown

  44. The gardening crate looks amazing :)!!!

  45. Personalised Tea for One – Tea O’Clock

  46. Something that my kids have made themselves

  47. A personalised apron- no doubt!

  48. a personalised apron

  49. A nice snuggly onesie

  50. A necklace

  51. A new BMW with a personalised vanity plate :-)

  52. An apron, actually. Mine is getting old and I’d love a new one!

  53. I would like a wine glass

  54. Remote control for TV !

  55. I would like to receive a santa ‘gnome’

  56. A pen

  57. Beard comb

  58. a nice mug x

  59. a personalised brad pitt? lol

  60. I like quirky things for the computer, so maybe a mouse or mat with the personalised touch.

  61. My sister has a personalised jelly bean machine which is awesome. I’d love one of those!

  62. My sister has a personalised jelly bean machine which is awesome. I’d love one of those!

  63. A piggy bank!?

  64. A giant mug so I can take it to work without it being nicked from the staffroom!

  65. a wine glass!

  66. Tea set

  67. A rug for when I am out in my wheelchair

  68. The biggest wine glass ever!

  69. One of those very cute personalised rolling pins! I love them :)

  70. Personalised bottle of spirit

  71. A mug that no one else uses!

  72. personalised bathroom towel so no one else uses it

  73. Id love a wheelchair assessable Lap blanket!

  74. a bauble

  75. Chopping Board

  76. Gin and Jelly Beans!

  77. I’ve recently broken my favourite tea cup soo I would love another one of those.

  78. A cup/mug would be nice

  79. I would love some personalised cutlery for the kids – they argue over whose fork is whose (even though they are all the same!!!!)

  80. a cup

  81. a scales that lied to me

  82. Toilet Seat

  83. I would love to receive a personalised foot warmer.

  84. I’d love a personalised notebook or personalised socks! :)

  85. A personalised ferrari ??????

  86. a personalised locket

  87. i Wooden heart with my kids names enraged onto it

  88. Bunny Rabbit Slippers

  89. Ia special ring would be nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. A Personalised bookmark.

  91. Dressing gown

  92. gardening crates

  93. socks…

  94. a life sized cardboard cut out of johnny depp ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Bird Feeder

  96. Wine Glasses

  97. A teapot

  98. Christmas champagne flutes

  99. A personalised gin glass

  100. I would love a personalised gin tumbler

  101. A Wine Glass

  102. A personalised mug

  103. A bottle opener would be usefull

  104. a teapot

  105. a wine glass

  106. A neon house name sign. Nothing too flashy ha ha subtle colour.

  107. Personalised Notebook – Notes of a Genius

  108. Shoes ha!

  109. A personalised cover for my Kindle :-)

  110. A personalised solid gold bar would be lovely ๐Ÿ˜‰

  111. a bottle of wine

  112. Chocolates – so that everyone knows that they are mine

  113. A new car with my name on it :) maybe I’ll change it to Adam :)

  114. mug for my work desk

  115. Larger wine glass that fits the enter bottle in

  116. hot water bottle with my name on :)

  117. Knickers

  118. A mug

  119. a rolling pin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  120. The personalized allotment : )

  121. The beer mug looks cool

  122. wooden spoon

  123. wine glass with my name on it

  124. A little cupboard with a lock so I can stop my husband and kids from eating and drinking everything in the house before I get chance!

  125. I’d want a big fluffy towel so no one could get away with using my special towel!

  126. as i spend so much time in the kitchen with 5 kids deff an apron

  127. Not sure if it’s quirky but a money box?

  128. Something for kitchen, t-towel , apron.

  129. some quirky wine glasses

  130. serving board

  131. Signed photo from Jamie

  132. A home made personalised pamper hamper with lots of goodies to indulge myself with :-)

  133. I would love a personalised bracelet with my little boys names on :)

  134. A personalised pair of Jimmy Choos to wear to my daughter’s wedding in May!

  135. A wine glass – then no-one else will steal it :-)

  136. A personalised packet of pickled onion monster munch. Mine are always getting nicked!

  137. Underwear :)

  138. A cheese board/slate

  139. Serving platter

  140. Dressing Gown

  141. Personalised beer tankard.

  142. Personalised mega chocolate bar so everyone knows its mine and won’t sneakily eat a chunk

  143. set of darts

  144. towels the bigger and fluffier the better

  145. A large bottle of Glenmorangie

  146. I’d like a personalised blanket so that no-one else can use it without my permission :) x

  147. One of those wine glasses like a bottle

  148. One of those massive wine glasses with my name on it!

  149. singing reiendeer

  150. a onesie

  151. a pillowcase :)

  152. a dressing gown :)

  153. the rolling pin :)

  154. I loved your post.Much thanks again. fcaeecgadcek

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