23 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

This collection of 23 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes will help you start your day off right! Thanks to the air fryer, you’re only a handful of minutes away from enjoying a hot, tasty, and totally satisfying breakfast.

Includes recipes suitable for gluten free, vegetarian, low cab, keto, and paleo diets. Weight Watchers points are included in some recipes.

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Mornings can be the most hectic part of the day, making it all too easy to cut corners when it comes to breakfast..or worse, even skip it altogether. But with this collection of air fryer breakfast recipes, you can have a hot, delicious, and filling breakfast ready in just minutes!

From classics like air fryer bacon, sausage, and hash browns to delectable baked goods like cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, and banana bread, these breakfast air fryer recipes are simple to make and totally delicious.

And, of course, we’ve got kid-approved dishes like French toast sticks, homemade pop tarts, and donuts covered too!

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Easy air fryer breakfast recipes like these are not only perfect for busy weekdays, but they’re also great for weekend brunches, holidays, and other special occasions. And these recipes are ideal for incorporating into your weekly meal prep.

For any meal and any occasion, the air fryer really can do it all!

Air Fryer Tips for Success

  • Don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket! Make sure your food is in a single layer, and leave plenty of space for the hot air to circulate.
  • Preheat the air fryer. For quicker, more even cooking, preheating is the way to go. If your model doesn’t have a preheat function, simply turn it to the desired temperature and allow it to run for around 3 minutes before adding your food. Check out this post for more on how to preheat air fryer.
  • Clean your air fryer often. This may sound obvious, but cleaning your air fryer often helps it run safely and efficiently. Learn how to clean an air fryer in just 7 easy steps.

Handy Tip: Use Good Kitchen Tools!

For the best tools to help make your recipe even easier and more successful, check out my collection of the Best Air Fryer Tools on Amazon.

23 Easy Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

Crispy Easy Air Fryer Bacon
Crispy Air Fryer Bacon is healthier version of your favourite that is quick and easy to make!
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Two hands reaching for cooked strips of Crispy Air Fryer Bacon being served on a plate next to a blue cloth napkin
Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs
This breakfast treat is so easy and convenient to make!
completed air fryer hard boiled eggs cut in half, seasoned with pepper and served on a blue ceramic plate
Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata
This Air Fryer Frittata is a quick, easy and protein-packed way to start your day!
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finished air fryer frittata sliced and ready to serve
Air Fryer Apple Fritters
It's so easy to make these classic fritters in the air fryer.
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three completed apple fritters on a baking tray
Air Fryer French Toast Sticks
These Air Fryer French Toast Sticks are an easy and delicious kid-friendly breakfast solution that the whole family will love!
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two plates of Air Fryer French Toast Sticks served with syrup and powdered sugar
Air Fryer Donuts 2 Ways
Air Fryer Donuts are a healthier version of your favourite sweet treat that is fun and easy to make!
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A variety of Air Fryer Donuts next to small bowls filled with sprinkles and dried edible flowers
Easy Air Fryer Homemade Berry Pop Tarts
Homemade Pop Tarts are flaky, crumbly pastries with a homemade berry jam filling and a sweet sugary glaze frosting made in the air fryer or oven.
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top down view of finished homemade pop tarts on a cooling rack
Air Fryer Frozen Pancakes
Making delicious frozen pancakes in air fryer is quick and easy.
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air fryer frozen pancakes served with whipped cream and berries
Air Fryer Sausages
Making sausage in the air fryer is a super easy and quick way to cook delicious sausages!
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close up view of cooked air fryer sausages served on top of a green salad
Air Fryer Bagels
Making homemade bagels in the air fryer is easy and fun!
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the completed air fryer bagels served on a white plate
Frozen Hash Browns In Air Fryer
The air fryer makes it easy to cook crispy hash browns from frozen.
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close up view of the cooked air fryer frozen hash browns in a white serving bowl
Air Fryer Banana Bread
It's so easy to make delicious tender banana bread in the air fryer. Whipped up from pantry staples it is so easy to make that even the kids can make it unsupervised.
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the finished banana bread loaf with two slices cut
Easy Raspberry Muffins
This delicious and easy raspberry muffins recipe will become your new favorite!
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Air Fryer Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
This irresistible recipe combines two of your favorite breakfast foods all rolled into one!
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4 of the completed air fryer cinnamon rolls with bacon topped with frosting
Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie Spiced Crullers
These light and delicious crullers taste just like fall!
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Almond Butter Granola
Almond Butter Granola
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mason jar of cooked almond granola on a table
Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes
Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes are a quick, healthy side perfect for holidays and weeknights.
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the finished air fryer sweet potato cubes ready to be served
Air Fryer Monkey Bread
A great breakfast or dessert for the whole family
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top down view of the completed air fryer monkey bread
Air Fryer Caramel Apple Donuts
Air Fryer Caramel Apple Donuts are full of your favorite fall flavors!
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four air fryer caramel apple donuts stacked and drizzled with caramel sauce
TikTok Baked Oats 3 Ways
A quick, easy and delicious oatmeal recipe you’ll love!
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four servings of tiktok baked oats ready to be served
Air Fryer Blueberry Hand Pies
These Air Fryer Blueberry Hand Pies are delectable, adorable and portable.
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a hand holding one blueberry hand pie with a bite out of it in front of a white plate filled with air fryer blueberry hand pies
Air Fryer Heart Shaped Donuts
Share the love with these easy to make heart shaped donuts.
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the finished heart shaped donuts piled onto a white plate
Easy Air Fryer Churros
Air Fryer Churros are golden tasty pastry treats, where every bite has a tender inside with a crispy outside that’s tossed in cinnamon and sugar.
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finished air fryer churros ready to serve

More Breakfast Recipes You’ll Love

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  1. Bacon and hash browns are my go-to, but these cinnamon rolls and apple fritters sound heavenly.