Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet

Air Fryer fanatics, this post is for you! This handy Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet eliminates the guesswork and gives you all sorts of helpful air fryer cooking time information in one easy-to-reference page. Yeap, cooking up your favourite dishes with the air fryer just got a whole lot simpler.


Air fryers are soooooo versatile. You can use them to cook pretty much anything you would typically make using an oven, microwave, deep fryer, or on the stovetop. The air fryer makes it easy to cook up all sorts of dishes in less time and with less oil, fat, and calories overall. It really is a little kitchen miracle.

There is one hurdle to air fryer cooking, that even those of us who have been on the air fryer bandwagon for a while now still struggle with. And that is how to adjust your favorite recipes for cooking with the air fryer. How many times have you found yourself asking: How long should I cook this? And at what temperature?

Well folks, I happy to say that I have the answers those questions. My handy Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet takes the guesswork out of air fryer cooking and gives you all of the important information you need, in one easy-to-reference page.

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When referencing the cooking times, it is important to note that air fryer temperatures do vary depending on the make and model. Which is why I recommend starting out with less cook time, checking your food for doneness. and then adding more time as needed. 

Safety Tip: when cooking meats, please remember to always check the internal temperature using a meat thermometer to ensure it has reached a safe temperature.

 Air Fryer Cooking Tools


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Here are some of the items you will need to make these recipes.

What Makes The Air Fryer So Popular?

Air fryers work by circulating hot air that contains fine oil droplets around the food to produce a crunchy, crispy exterior. And it requires just a small amount of oil (we’re talking anything from a light spray to a tablespoon) to achieve a similar taste and texture to deep-fried foods.

This means that air fried foods have a lower fat content and less calories overall, which makes it a healthier way to cook up and enjoy those formerly ‘off limits’ fried food favourites.

Tips for Air Fryer Cooking

    1. Shake the basket or actually turn the food over halfway through the total cook time. This will help to ensure the food cooks evenly on all sides.
    2. Make sure there is enough room. Spread out your food (no touching!) and do not overload the basket. This is especially important when cooking meats. Do not be tempted to stack them on top of each other.
    3. If your air fryer comes with a rack, by all means use it. It will allow hot air to flow underneath your food, which helps it cook evenly and take less time.


Cooking Frozen Foods in the Air Fryer

When cooking packaged frozen foods from the grocery store, you can’t just follow the instructions on the package. Air fryers are more intense than a regular oven. And since they circulate heat around all sides of your food, they cook at a faster rate than traditional ovens.

A general rule of thumb for adjusting packaged frozen foods instructions:

  • reduce the temperature by 50 F (10 C) .
  • reduce the overall cook time by approximately 20 percent.

Let’s use frozen french fries as an example. The package instructions are to cook the fries in a 450 F oven for 20 mins, so you will want to set the air fryer to 400 F with a cook time of 16 mins. And since you’ll need to shake the basket at least once during the cooking process, you can monitor the progress and the adjust the total cook time as needed.

Air Fryer Recipes

Looking for some air fryer inspiration? Then you’ll want to check out my round up of more than 20 Healthy Air Fryer Recipes that are all under 425 calories per serving.

And for those following the Weight Watchers program, or for anyone interested in healthy low-calorie eating, this collection of WW Zero Point Air Fryer Recipes is sure to become your go-to resource. Each recipe is quick, easy and contains zero WW points.

Meal Planning With The Air Fryer

Yeap, it is possible to cook up a entire month’s worth of delicious meals using only the Air Fryer! My Air Fryer Meal Plan includes 4 full weeks of main dishes, plus 4 breakfasts, 4 sides, and even 4 delectable air fryer desserts.

14 Must Have Air Fryer Accessories

You’ll find something for all the air fryer lovers in your life (including yourself) on this list of must-have air fryers and air fryer accessories! Post also includes 5 essential air fryer cookbooks and unique gift ideas.

image collage showing some of the 14 must have air fryer accessories

Even More Great Air Fryer Recipes

Air Fryer Chicken Breast

Crispy Air Fryer Parmesan Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Pork Chops

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