1. This sounds really good. It’s a pity the recipe only uses one apple though. You’d have to eat some every day for a year to use up 365! Hehe. Wish I had spare apples.

  2. that sounds delicious, and a nice change from the (uncooked) oats, yoghurt and fruit I have for breakfast at the moment. At what stage do you add the apple, and do you need to do anything to dry it out?

  3. I’m going to send this recipe to Jonny & see if he wants to give it a go. I’m sure it works out far cheaper than buying granola and you know exactly what’s going in it too!
    Janie x

  4. I have to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of granola, I’ve always found it so dry but this sounds like it would be nice x

  5. I love any kind of homemade granola, but this really appeals to me. I love the idea of the little squares of dried apple … especially with the maple syrup. Mmm … I’ve just had dinner but now you’ve got me thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast and wishing I had some of this!

  6. I love when the fall and winter comes. It means more oatmeal types of dishes. This would definitely fall right into the season. Wish I was around lots of apple trees…


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