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Hey guys โ€“ meet Bo.

Brabantia Bo Touch Bin Review -

Bo is new.

Bo is stylish.

Bo is red. Erm hello. Red.

Bo fits perfectly in the corner.

And Bo helps me care for my planet.

So meet Bo, the brand new touch bin from Brabantia and the newest ‘my precious’ moments inducing toy in the kitchen.

I love all things Brabantia.  I really, really, really want to fill my entire kitchen, pantry, bathroom and every room with all things Brabantia. In fact, I want to permanently borrow one of their designers to come live in my house and make it awesome. See my previous review of Brabantia bins.

Brabantia Silver Bo Touch Bin Review -

One of the things I love about Brabantia is their “cradle to cradle” approach. A large range of their products are now bronze certified, a really impressive start. Cradle to Cradle is a certification process, measuring the environmental impact of products, which shows that Brabantia has reduced the environmental impact of making its bins to an extremely level. Coupled with their “let’s clean it up” campaign, I can see that Brabantia are serious about actively improving our environment.

So I was beyond pleased to be invited along to the launch of the Brabantia Bo Touch Bins on the Bo Tour bus. Myself and fellow Influencers turned up to be first treated to freshly made smoothies, some bubbly and lots of cupcakes and sweet treats.

Cupcakes on Brabantia Bo Touch Bin bus -

Smoothies on Brabantia Bo Touch Bin bus -

Then we got down to the business of meeting Bo. Bo is a departure from the standard style of bin we have come to know and expect from Brabantia. And that is a good thing. Because it still comes with the Brabantia elegance, but with an oh so different look that immediately allows you to refresh and renew your space without much effort.

I really like that this well sized 36 litre Brabantia Bo Touch bin is customizable. You have the option of having it as one big bin or have it comes with three removable inner buckets for 3 different kinds of waste. My kids are trying to convince me to let them have it as a toy bin but nah, my kitchen needs it much, much more.

Brabantia Yellow Bo Touch Bin Review -

The Brabantia Bo Touch Bint is also designed to be space efficient so that it fits snuggly against a wall and with non-skid legs, it stays right where it is meant to stay.

Brabantia Bo Touch Bin waste seperator -

As I have come to expect from Brabantia, Bo comes with their unique soft-touch closure makes for easy and light operation at the touch of your hand.

Brabantia makes trash stylish. Their bins look stunning and are designed in such a way that what is an essential everyday object becomes a fun centre point object. Plus, their 10 year product and service guarantee is awesome.

Influencer taking picture of Brabantia yellow Bo Touch Bin Review -

Someone said – there is on one brand for bin and that’s Brabantia.

True that!!!!!

Pop over to Brabantia website to find out more about Bo, and with a recommended retail price starting form £149, you have no excuse not to get one……

Thank you for reading my Brabantia Bo Touch Bin review post. And please come visit again as I continue dreaming up recipes, traditional African recipes, African fusion recipes, Sierra Leone recipes, travel plans and much more for you.

Brabantia Bin Review.

Ps learn how to take stylish photographs of your Brabantia Bins with Skillshare.

This post is sponsored by the lovely Brabantia Team.

Thanks to Tastefully Vikki and Brabantia for letting me use some of their picture in this post.






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  1. Oh wow, this is CRAZY, it looks nothing like a bin! I need the yellow one in my life, I never thought I’d say that about a bin but yeah, it’s a bloody pretty bin! x

  2. Brabantia is brilliant and that bin design is stunning! I always tend to have my bins tucked away under cupboards, but with a bin like that it would be right on show.

  3. Hello Bo! Looking very stylish, and sounding very useful. I do like the elevated style on legs, much easier for cleaning under.