The British Larder – Best of Suffolk Produce and Food

Suffolk restaurant review @ Recipes From A Pantry

OH definitely did my birthday in style this year.

He took the day off work, booked the kiddoes into the childminder, got me gorgeous earrings and took me for a long leisurely 5 mile walk during which he did not once try and make me walk ‘a little bit’ faster.

And last but not the least he took me for a lunch at The British Larder.

Suffolk Restaurant Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

This local pub / restaurant, set on a quite rural road in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, is all about the food. As in glorious local food. As I am looking through their menu, I can pretty much map where all the main things come from. More often than not, I have been to the particular spot where the pigs have been reared, theapples for the vinegar picked and the fish caught. Yes, Suffolk is on the menu at the British Larder.

The British Larder Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

I walked in to be greeted by one of the funkiest waiters in Suffolk (just check out his hair in the picture above). And he even remembered me from a few months back (probably had something to do with my standing on chairs to photograph every single bit of food, than me personally). He also had just the right level of being there when you wanted a waiter, and not coming every second to ask if everything is all right, which people seem to do far too much.

The British Larder Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

We decided to sample dishes from their set lunch menu and after ordering we kicked back with our drinks and thumbed through their rather gorgeous The British Larder: A Cookbook For All Seasons. Let’s just say I dropped very big hints to OH as we got more and more engrossed. Lemon Thyme popcorn, here is to more dreaming about you.

Suffolk Restauant Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

We both started with the very exquisite (both in taste and presentation) pressed chicken terrine with a side of charred pickled broccoli and hens egg salad. We both lingered over this dish enjoying the contrast of the ‘sweeter’ chicken jelly with the slightly sharp but crunchy broccoli. Every mouthful was a joy. This was definitely our favourite part of the meal.

The British Larder Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

The second course did not disappoint. The battered Pollock was crisp on the outside, melting on the inside and came with chunky chips and tartar sauce. My choice the perfectly cooked Blythburgh pork escallops coated with crispy breadcrumbs was well complemented by the bed of creamed Savoy cabbage.

The British Larder Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

Suffolk Food Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

I went with dessert from the main menu and settled on the banana parfait with malt ice cream, meringue and caramelised bananas. It was my birthday after all. I spent a little bit of time destroying their rather elegantly presented dish by moving the malted meringue to one side (not a fan of malt meringue I am afraid). Oh what a satisfying crunch it was biting into the caramelised bananas. A sweet toothed delight. Definitely something I am never going to learn to make – but will demand time and time again, just so I have to go back and get this perfect dessert.

Suffolk Restaurant Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

Our combined 5 dishes and 2 drinks set us back about £50. This would work out slightly more expensive if ordering solely from their main menu. Taking into account the great service, the lovely atmosphere and the seriously good food  that the restaurant serves  –  the price is right and I would go back without hesitation.

So, for the best of Suffolk produce and great food it is worth popping in (and even making a special visit) to the British Larder. You won’t regret it.

As I was typing up this review – one of my friends called me to say this was one of the best Suffolk restaurants she had visited. OH and I – we agree.

We visited the British Larder for our own enjoyment –  no compensation was given.

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  1. What a lovely day. I’m mighty impressed with your OH for organising all this. Belated birthday wishes.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Glad your day was so special, I’ve heard marvelous things about the British Larder – lucky lucky you!:)

  3. A very Happy belated Birthday to you, Bintu! Oh my gawd I would love to try that Blythburgh pork escallops dish! Your photos are amazing and I love the part about the walk too 🙂

  4. Looks like this is definitely one to add to the list for when I get back to the UK in September! I don’t live anywhere near Suffolk, but am hoping to have plenty of day-trips and weekends away to nice places like this! 🙂
    P.S. Those caramelized bananas do sound amazing, don’t they?

    1. The banana’s were soooooooo good. OH understands so he is taking back there for some more.

  5. Happy belated birthday Bintu, looks like you had a superb time as those plates look utterly gorgeous x

  6. I would LOVE to go there Bintu and I subscribed to their emails, so I often get delicious recipes in my In Box to drool over! LOVELY post and a perfect birthday location! Karen

    1. Next time you get to Suffolk Karen do go. I think I should subscribe to their emails too.

  7. Happy belated birthday Bintu, and what a lovely restaurant to be taken to to celebrate it. Fabulous sounding food packed full of local treats!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday Bintu. X. What a bargain that was, I’m amazed, the food looks wonderful, love the look of the chicken. Definitely a place to visit and so reasonable. GG

  9. Your other half did very well! That battered pollock and afters looks delicious! happy belated birthday! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  10. Gosh, that deserts looks scrummy. You’ve made me feel hungry. What a lovely way to spend the day – kid free zone too 🙂

  11. That looks such an amazing restuarant. I’m not sure there’s anywhere like that round where I live because they are all chain restuarants. It shouldn’t be so hard to eat seasonally!

  12. What an amazing OH you have! What a treat. I’m loving the look of the battered fish – it looks crispy and delicious just from your photo
    Happy Birthday1