The 12 Best Canned Salmon Recipes

This collection of the best canned salmon recipes is exactly what you need to whip up easy meals, quick lunches, weeknight dinners, and party snacks. An affordable and versatile pantry staple that is packed with flavor, canned salmon is your secret weapon for easy, fuss-free cooking.

Post includes recipes that are suitable for gluten free, low carb and keto diets. Weight Watchers points included in some recipes

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Love salmon and need inspiration for some easy canned salmon recipes? Then look no further than this collection of delicious recipes.

Seafood, and salmon in particular, is the great choice for easy meals, quick lunches, weeknight dinners, and anytime you’re feeling a bit peckish. And while fresh salmon has its place, the canned equivalent is pretty darn awesome.

After you see the many delectable recipes I’ve gathered up (we’re talking tasty soups, salads, dips, patties, casseroles, and more), you’ll realize that canned salmon is a true pantry VIP.

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Why Cook With Canned Salmon

  • This is an affordable option, and it is easy to keep a few cans in your pantry within arms reach.
  • Great for having to hand for easy meal prep.
  • It is easy to substitute into most fresh salmon recipes, especially ones where the recipe calls for flaky fish.
  • In some instances, you can easily substitute canned tuna for salmon, like in a tuna salad or tuna pasta, etc.

Notes For Canned Salmon

There are many differences in the canned foods products you buy. Canned salmon options include farmed salmon or wild salmon (which is a bit more expensive).

Your shopping options also include choices like pink salmon, boneless salmon or salmon with bones in, fish packed in oil or water or tomato sauce, smoked, and more.

I prefer different versions depending on the final recipe. I suggest you try a few versions to see which you prefer and then go from there.

So, are you ready to cook up the best canned salmon recipes? Then grab those cans and let me show you some of…

The Best Recipes For Canned Salmon

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1. Air Fryer Salmon Patties

air fryer salmon patties served in a white bowl with lime wedges and dipping sauce

If you love Air Fryers, then this easy peasy Air Fryer Salmon Patties recipe is for you.

They are golden brown and super crispy on the outside while managing to stay tender and flaky inside.

Bonus is you can whip up these in less than 15 minutes using ingredients you already own. Serve it with a dip or two and a salad and you are good to go.

Get The Recipe Here.

2. Baked Salmon Patties

Baked salmon patties served on a white plate with lime wedges, sliced cucumber and homemade dipping sauce

This recipe for Baked Salmon Patties (aka salmon cakes) gives you salmon patties that are tender and perfectly flaky on the inside and delightfully crispy on the outside.

This recipe is an easy way to use up a tin of wild red salmon into an easy weeknight meal or lunch in less than 30 minutes.

You can cook these ahead, refrigerate and use up over a few days making your life much simpler.

Get The Recipe Here.

3. Easy Salmon Croquettes Recipe

a stack of cooked salmon croquettes

Salmon Croquettes (aka Salmon Patties / Salmon Cakes) are a Southern staple food loved by the whole family. They are soft inside and golden crispy outside and great as an appetizer or entree.

Best thing is that they are really EASY to make and packed full of delicious flavor with a little bit of heat.

You only need a few pantry staples and less than 30 minutes of time to whip up these. And you can cook them on the stovetop, oven, or Air Fryer.

Get The Recipe Here.

4. Tuna Casserole (Swap Out The Tuna)

top down view of the cheesy tuna casserole ready to be served

Yes, I know it says Tuna Casserole but simply swap out the tuna for flaked salmon and you have a deliciously cheesy Salmon Casserole as good as granny used to make.

Just think crunch breadcrumbs, melted cheese, flaky fish, olive oil pasta, and tomatoes combine to make this delicious comfort food.

Make extra and save for meal prep for easier meal times.

Get The Recipe Here.

5. Salmon Asparagus Pasta Salad

close up view of salmon asparagus pasta salad made with canned salmon
photo: Maple and Mango

Creamy Salmon Asparagus Pasta Salad is full of so much flavor!

Loaded with fresh asparagus, canned salmon, hard boiled eggs, and pasta all tossed together in a creamy lemon dill dressing.

Great for lunch boxes, dinner, picnic, potlucks, and more.

Get The Recipe Here from Maple and Mango.

6. Awesome Salmon Quiche

top down view of the finished salmon quiche with a slice removed
photo: Champagne Tastes

Hands up if you love salmon quiches as much as me.

This Salmon Quiche is made with canned salmon, goat cheese, and dill, and is easily made with ingredient you already have to hand.

It is a fun and easy, make ahead treat for lunch boxes or even brunch.

Get The Recipe Here from Champagne Tastes.

7. Dill Salmon Salad

two servings of dill salmon salad on black plates
photo: Running To The Kitchen

 This really easy Dill Salmon Salad is a protein packed, nutritious, and flavorful lunch made with fresh dill, lemon, dijon mustard, salty capers, smoky roasted chickpeas, and cottage cheese.

You can’t go wrong by serving this salad on some toasted bread or in lettuce wraps.

Get The Recipe Here from Running To The Kitchen.

8. Potato And Salmon Fish Cakes

two potato and salmon fish cakes on a plate
photo: Christina’s Cucina

Even non-salmon fans love these fish cakes!

Easy to make, and freeze perfectly for a make ahead meal you’ll love to serve!

Serve these as is or with a side or two, but they also work in a bun to form a fish sandwich.

Get The Recipe Here from Christina’s Cucina.

9. Salmon Niçoise Salad

the completed salmon nicoise salad
photo: What A Girl Eats

Niçoise salad gets a fun twist with canned fish.

Salmon Niçoise Salad is delicious and full of healthy ingredients including tinned salmon, juicy cherry tomatoes, cucumber, hard-boiled eggs, and olives. 

Once you taste this delicious homemade vinaigrette, you’ll never go back to bottled dressing again.

Get The Recipe Here from What A Girl Eats.

10. Salmon Salad Spread

close up view of a bowl filled with salmon salad spread
photo: 4 Sons R Us

Salmon Salad Spread is a versatile alternative to tuna salad.

This yummy spread is the perfect, budget friendly filling for sandwiches, spread for bagels, or appetizer dip!

Get The Recipe Here from 4 Sons R Us.

11. Easy Salmon Chowder

a bowl of salmon chowder with a spoon removing one bite
photo: The Quicker Kitchen

Did you know you can make this inexpensive rich and creamy Salmon Soup quickly using tinned fish and everyday vegetables?

This seafood chowder rivals any you could get in a restaurant but it’s almost effortless to prep at home!

Want to add a deeper flavor? Then add in a bay leaf along with the veggies and you are good to go.

Get The Recipe Here from The Quicker Kitchen.

12. Gluten Free Fish Cakes

close up view of the completed gluten free fish cakes with canned salmon
photo: Cinnamon and Kale

These delicious Gluten Free Fish Cakes are really easy to make, and a great way to add more fish to your diet.

Even better is that they freeze well and can be prepared ahead of time

Feel free to serve these with a big salad or pile of veggies. 

Get The Recipe Here from Cinnamon and Kale.

Need More Fresh Salmon Recipes?

Then check out this selection here using fresh salmon. And happy happy eating!

Thank you for reading my Canned Salmon Recipes post. And please come visit again as I continue to slice, dice and dream up affordable Air Fryer recipes, Instant Pot Recipes, Southern Recipes and more. Thanks for supporting Recipes from a Pantry, food blog.

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