Healthy Instant Pot Recipes

My collection of Healthy Instant Pot Recipes includes a wide variety of delicious and good-for-you breakfasts, soups and stews, main dishes, side dishes, desserts and drinks. Full of flavour and so satisfying, you’d never guess that all are less than 500 calories, with most under 350 kcal.

And with Weight Watchers points and dietary considerations (vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, keto) provided for each, preparing healthy pressure cooker meals has never been easier!


50+ easy and healthy instant pot recipes

We all strive to eat healthy, but let’s face it. Sometimes it can be a real struggle.

One of the most common reasons people give for failing to eating healthy is not having enough time, and I totally get it.

Making dinner at the end of a looooooong day isn’t always fun. You’re hungry, your family is hungry, and you’re tired.

Who wants to put effort into preparing a meal when ordering takeout or popping a frozen dinner in the microwave seems so much easier?

Peeps, I am here to tell you it is entirely possible to quickly and easily cook up healthy meals that taste amaaaaaazing.

All you need is a pressure cooker, like the multi-function wonder that is the Instant Pot, and this list of healthy Instant Pot recipes.

With the Instant Pot, you can cook foods that would typically require hours to prepare in just a fraction of the time. Plus it allows you to cook an entire healthy meal in one pot, making clean up a breeze.

Thanks to the instant pot, healthy eating just got a whole lot easier.

Need more convincing?!?! Then here are…

5 Ways an Instant Pot Can Help You Eat Healthy

  • Pressure cooking infuses food with a ton of flavour in a short period of time, which means you can easily prepare healthy lean meats, whole grains and fresh vegetables that taste amazing and avoid those unwanted additives, preservatives and sugars found in pre-packaged meals. And since the food is cooked in a fully sealed environment, it retains more nutrients.
  • It really is fast! The Instant Pot lets you get supper on the table in less time than it takes to run to the market (or order takeout). Perfect for those hectic weekdays.


  • Set it and forget it. Once you’ve added your healthy ingredients to the Instant Pot, it does the rest of the work for you so you are free to do other things.
  • The Instant Pot helps make meal prep easier. You can cook up a week’s worth of healthy meals in no time and then eat well all  throughout the week.
  • Last, but certainly not least…it is fun! There are so many fantastic Instant Pot recipes available (and some of the best are included in this post), the Instant Pot makes it fun to cook new dishes and try different ingredients.

What Makes These Easy Healthy Instant Pot Recipes?

The recipes I am sharing with you are so tasty and flavourful, you won’t even know they are all under 500 calories per serving, with most coming in under 350 kcal.

To make this list as easy to use and as helpful as possible, each recipe is accompanied with the total calories and Weight Watchers Freestyle points per serving. Any specific dietary considerations (such as gluten-free, vegan, keto, low-carb) are also noted.

Instant Pot Recipe Binder

This awesome 30-page Instant Pot Recipe Binder Printable gives you everything you need and all in one place.

It contains all sorts of easy-to-use tools and helpful information to give you a truly organized and easily accessible Instant Pot recipe collection.

Instant Pot Pantry Essentials

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check out my disclosure.

Having a well-stocked pantry full of healthy ingredients is the key to your Healthy Instant Pot Recipes success.

Making sure you have these classic staples on hand before beginning your meal prep means that cooking up all sorts of delicious and healthy dishes will be a breeze.

  •  Stock. A selection of vegetable, chicken, beef or fish stock would be a great addition.
  • Cooking spray. A low-calorie cooking spray will help keep your calorie count down.
  • Produce: potatoes, sweet potatoes (or yams), lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery, green beans, spring onions, tomatoes, garlic, pomegranate seeds, lemons and limes.
  • Fresh herbs: parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, tarragon, basil.
  • Nuts and seeds: walnuts, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), sunflower seeds.
  • Dry goods: rice, peas, beans, lentils, flour, quinoa, pasta, tortillas.
  • Seasoning, spices and otherSea salt flakes <= {only the best salt flakes ever}, ground black pepper, ginger, curry powder, paprika, red chilli flakes, hot sauce, olive oil, coconut oil, butter.

Instant Pot Healthy Recipes Materials


This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check out my disclosure.

Here are some of the items you will need to make these Healthy Instant Pot Recipes.


Healthy Breakfast Instant Pot Recipes

healthy instant pot breakfast recipes

The Instant Pot makes it easier than ever to start your day off right with a healthy meal. These delicious breakfasts come together quickly and will keep you energized and satisfied all morning long.

Instant Pot Egg Bites. 166 kcal, 3 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Low Carb, Keto}.

Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole. 175 kcal, 4 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Keto}.

Instant Pot Oatmeal With Chocolate. 122 kcal, 3 freestyle points. {Vegan, Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats. 171 kcal, 5 freestyle points. {Gluten Free, Vegan}.

Instant Pot Polenta Breakfast Porridge. 191 kcal, 8 freestyle points. {Gluten Free, Vegan}.


Instant Pot Chicken Recipes Healthy


We all love chicken recipes but even better if they are Healthy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes, right? Browse through this range of Pressure Cooker Chicken recipes before scrolling down to see all the great sides that make them even better. Just the thing to make your weekly meal planning and prep even easier.

The Best Instant Pot Chicken Breast Recipe. 282 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Whole 30, Paleo, Keto}.

How To Cook Instant Pot Chicken Thighs. 311 kcal, 4 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Whole 30, Paleo, Keto}.

The Easiest Instant Pot Whole Chicken Recipe. 460 kcal, 8 freestyle points. {Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, Whole 30}.

Instant Pot Chicken Tacos. 277 kcal, 0 freestyle points (for the chicken only). {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Orange Chicken. 195 kcal, 1 freestyle point. {Keto, Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Shredded Chicken 2 Ways. 167 kcal. 0 freestyle points. {Spicy And Plain} + Meal Prep Solutions.

Instant Pot Chicken And Dumplings. 477 kcal, 10 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Chicken Wings. 222 kcal, 7 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo}.

Instant Pot Chicken Curry. 429 kcal, 7 freestyle points. {Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, Gluten-Free}.

7 Chicken Marinades For Instant Pot Chicken Breast. 77 kcal, 2 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Chicken Soup With Noodles. 416 kcal, 6 freestyle points.

Instant Pot Chicken Chilli. 249 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot White Chicken Chili. 154 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.



Healthy Instant Pot Recipes: Mains

The Instant Pot makes it sooooo easy to cook delicious main dishes that are full of complex, bold flavours. From mouth-watering pork chops, classic sloppy joes and meatballs to hearty campfire stew, chili and stuffed peppers, you will be amazed at how good eating healthy can taste. And all of these main dishes are great for meal prep, so why not double them and stash in the freezer for later?

Instant Pot Pork Chops. 412 kcal, 7 freestyle points. {Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Sloppy Joes. 325 kcal, 9 freestyle points.

Instant Pot Stuffed Squash. 416 kcal, 7 freestyle points . {Vegan, Keto, Gluten-free}.

Instant Pot Pulled Pork. 367 kcal, 7 freestyle points. {Keto, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Low Carb}.

Easy Instant Pot Meatballs. 333 kcal, 2 freestyle points. {Low Carb, Gluten-Free, Paleo}.

Instant Pot Chili. 227 kcal, 3 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers. 333 kcal, 5 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Low Carb}.

Instant Pot Jambalaya. 388 kcal, 7 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Meatloaf. 350 kcal, 11 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Keto}.

Vietnamese Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin. 268 kcal, 4 freestyle points. {Keto}.

Instant Pot Campfire Stew. 358 kcal, 5 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes: Soups and Stews

Soup is one of the easiest and affordable ways to eat


. And these pressure cooker soups and stews are all delicious,  and good for you. From creamy and smooth, to hearty and chunky, these soups and stews are sure to satisfy.

Instant Pot Moroccan Split Pea Soup. 231 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Vegan, Gluten-free}.

Instant Pot Venison Stew. 267 kcal, 4 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Paleo}.

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup with Apple. 160 kcal, 2 freestyle points.  {Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo}.

Instant Pot Vegetable Soup With Zucchini. 118 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Low Carb}.

Instant Pot White Chicken Chili. 154 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Goulash {Hungarian}. 384 kcal, 6 freestyle points.  {Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto}.

Instant Pot Mexican Lentil Soup. 27o kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Vegan, Gluten-Free}.

Low Carb Mexican Instant Pot Cauliflower Soup. 120 kcal, 0 freestyle points. { Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free}.

African Pepper Soup. 462 kcal, 3 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto}.

The Easiest Instant Pot Beef Stew. 485 kcal, 10 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Chilli With Chocolate And Chipotle. 247 kcal, 3 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Potato Soup. 116 kcal, 2 freestyle points. {Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free}.

Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes: Sides

Your mains are already sorted out, but you need some delicious and healthy Instant Pot side dishes too. These pressure cooker side dishes are ones you will absolutely love. Perfectly easy to make ahead, these flexible sides are just what you need for meal planning solutions. Please do try them all and tell me in the comments below which is your favourite.

Instant Pot Mexican Rice. 296 kcal, 5 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Vegan}.

How To Cook Instant Pot Quinoa Perfectly – 2 Ways + Meal Prep. 156 kcal, 2 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Vegan}.

Instant Pot Brussels Sprouts. 63 kcal, 1 freestyle point. {Low-Carb, Keto, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo}.

Instant Pot Broccoli. 34 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Vegan}.

Perfect Instant Pot Baked Potatoes. 147 kcal, 4 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Vegan}.

Easy Instant Pot Scalloped Potatoes. 281 kcal, 10 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Basmati Rice. 239 kcal, 5 freestyle points. {Vegan, Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes. 55 kcal, 2 freestyle points. {Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free}.

Easy Instant Pot Mashed Potato Recipe. 159 kcal, 6 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Brown Rice. 229 kcal, 5 freestyle points. {Vegan, Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Potato Salad. 353 kcal, 4 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free}.

Healthy Instant Pot Recipes: Desserts

No healthy Instant Pot Recipes list is complete without some lovely dessert! And this list has something for everyone. Here are some of my


easy healthy Instant Pot Dessert Recipes:

Instant Pot Popcorn. 100 kcal, 4 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Vegan}.

Instant Pot Applesauce. 51 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo}.

Instant Pot Brownies With Pumpkin. 242 kcal, 10 freestyle points. {Vegan}.

Instant Pot Baked Apples. 132 kcal, 3 freestyle points. {Vegan, Gluten-Free}.

Instant Pot Drinks

Did you know you can make tasty, healthy drinks in the Instant Pot? Yeap! Once you try these refreshing ways to quench your thirst, you’ll never go back to those boring store-bought beverages again.

Instant Pot Infused Water 4 Ways. 3 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto, Paleo}.

Instant Pot Iced Tea – 3 Ways. 8 kcal, 0 freestyle points. {Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo, Vegan}.

Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes Meal Prep Solutions

In my opinion, meal prep is essential to eating healthy. Having healthy, ready to eat meals available when you need them is the key to avoiding making impulsive choices that you will regret later. Meal prep takes the guesswork out of healthy eating, and using the Instant Pot helps makes meal prep even easier and take less time.

And what makes it even better is that in the Instant Pot, you can cook foods from frozen without having to thaw them first.

This means you can prepare any of the delicious healthy Instant Pot Recipes in this collection and simply store in the freezer until you’re ready to cook. Imagine preparing a few days or even a week’s worth of meals in advance, knowing you can let the Instant Pot do the work on those hectic weekdays.

Meal Prep Storage Solutions

There are many different storage options available, but these are the ones I come back to again and again and work best for all my meal prep needs.

  • Glass Meal Prep Containers with 1 and 2 Compartments – Having 2 compartments is perfect for those build-it-yourself lunchbox ideas, or when you prefer to keep flavourful items separate. And single compartment containers are just the thing for making up meal prep bowls. These glass meal prep containers are freezable, microwavable, and dishwasher safe.
  • Reusable sauce cups with lids – to keep your food from getting soggy, it is important to store salad dressings and salsa, etc. separate from the other food until mealtime. The 1-ounce size will right inside the larger glass containers.
  • Reusable Utensils there are lots of cute, packable reusable utensil sets to choose from. Some even come tucked inside a cloth napkin.
  • Reusable Water Bottlestay hydrated and healthy with these fun portable water bottles.
  • Insulated Lunch Bag – pack up your glass container, utensils and water bottle in this insulated and easy to carry bag and head out the door!

Meal Planning with the Instant Pot

Meal planning with the Instant Pot is a total game changer. I looooooove how it helps make my life simpler by eliminating the guesswork and stress of on-the-fly decision making. Plus it saves me time both in the kitchen and when I’m out shopping, since I know exactly what I need to buy ahead of time.

Free Instant Pot Meal Plan Printables

Click below to sign up for my Downloadeable Instant Pot cheat sheet, Instant Pot newsletter and get my monthly Instant Pot meal plans delivered right to your inbox. When you do, you can download the free weekly meal planner and grocery shopping list printables. Soooooo handy!

If you are already signed up to receive the newsletter you can still download the printables (and don’t worry, your email will not be duplicated).

Monthly Instant Pot Meal Plan

Whether you are a meal planning pro or have yet to give it a try, you have to check out my Instant Pot Meal Plan which includes a full month of Instant Pot main dishes, plus super tasty breakfast, sides and desserts options.

And sign up to download the free printable versions of the monthly meal plan, a weekly meal planner worksheet and reusable grocery shopping list. So handy!

Instant Pot Recipe Binder

This awesome 30-page Instant Pot Recipe Binder Printable gives you everything you need and all in one place. It contains all sorts of easy-to-use tools and helpful information to give you a truly organized and easily accessible Instant Pot recipe collection.

What This Instant Pot Recipe Binder Includes:

  • 1 Instant Pot Recipes Binder Cover
  • 1 Instant Pot Recipe Page
  • 9 Recipe Category Cover Pages (mains, appetizers, desserts, sides, drinks, 15-minute meals, pantry recipes, frugal and a blank page for you to customize)
  • 7 Specialty Category Cover Pages (low carb, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, Weight Watchers, gluten free)
  • 1 Kitchen Conversion Sheet
  • 3 Inventory Sheets (pantry, fridge, freezer)
  • 2 Instant Pot Cooking Times Cheat Sheets
  • 2 Pre-Filled Instant Pot recipes (that can be made right away!)
  • 1 Notes and Tips Page

More Instant Pot Recipes Roundups

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Thank you for reading my healthy pressure cooker recipes roundup post. And please come visit again as I continue dreaming up recipes, traditional African recipes, African fusion recipes, Sierra Leone recipes, travel plans and much more for you. Thanks for supporting Recipes from a Pantry, UK food blog.

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