1. You’re reading in my mind Bintu! I was just preparing the same post 😀 Love roasted garlic for it’s flavour and aroma!

  2. I love roasted garlic, I first discovered it at The Stinking Rose a garlic restaurant in San Francisco, what a revelation! GG

  3. I love roasted garlic on everything. Can I please come to your party next time….pretty please?

  4. I love roasted garlic, it renders a harsh bulb of garlic into a mellow and delectable side veggie – great tips! Karen

  5. I don’t think you can ever have too much garlic and roasting it is a perfect way to eat it.

  6. What a fun evening. Love roasted garlic, but possibly don’t do it as much as we should. I go with the easy version – less faffy is always a plus for me. Interesting though that they both ended up getting the same result.

  7. I love roasted garlic. Never really tried doing it at home except when it gets roasted along with chicken and veg at the weekend but it is agreat thing to have to add to soups and stocks or on bread. Mmm

  8. Roasted garlic truly rocks! Love adding it to a gravy for roasted chicken, roasting a bulb in the chicken juices. Best gravy ever. I’d add it to everything if I could!

  9. I always had the impression that cutting the top off was less to change the flavor and more to make it easier to get the squishy soft sticky garlic out of the peel. You’re supposed to be able to just squeeze the cloves, instead of peeling…

    I never noticed that it really helped, though…

    I think I usually cooked it for more than 20 minutes, though. I’m going to have to try it for the shorter time, and see if that makes it easier to handle… I always seemed to end up losing so much of the soft garlic that stuck on the peel that it didn’t seem much worth it. Your picture, though, looks as if it is peeling pretty nicely. Makes the whole idea much more appealing.

  10. Love roasted garlic but rarely cook it. Inspired to do so again. Only prob is that is exudes from the pores for days afterwards – or so I am told – which makes the day job a bit tricky. Great friends you have got!

  11. I’d love to go to a party like that! I’m such a fan of roast garlic, it’s just the best. Can never understand people who say they don’t like garlic! Every time we cook a roast dinner we always roast a garlic bulb too and we all (children included) sit there sucking out the heavenly sticky caramelised garlic from their skins getting into a right old mess. Bliss!


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