Instant Pot Pantry Recipes

With these 35 Instant Pot Pantry Staple Recipes, you can easily and effortlessly whip up an amazing meal without even leaving the house!

Post includes recipes suitable for vegan, low carb, gluten free diets. Weight Watchers points included in some recipes.

No time to shop? On a budget? Then this collection of Instant Pot Pantry Recipes is for you!

Thanks to the Instant Pot each of these recipes is super easy to make using everyday staples that you already have in your pantry, freezer and fridge!

When preparing these dishes, it’s okay to leave out a few nonessential ingredients. Just look to see what you already have in your pantry, then get creative!

You can also have fun mixing and matching these recipes to make a pantry staple meal plan!

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Why You’ll Love These Recipes

  • Your food will be done fast! Most of these pantry recipes are ready to serve in less than 30 mins.
  • They require almost no effort to make. Many of these are true ‘dump and start’ Instant Pot dishes.
  • Super affordable. Each one is made using nothing but affordable, everyday pantry staples and fridge or freezer staples. Your budget will thank you!
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Pantry Staples Ingredients Ideas

All of the awesome Instant Pot recipes in this collection can be easily made using the following pantry staples. Stock up on these items and you’ll be able to throw together a delicious meal anytime!

So let’s get stocking our pantry with all the essentials for some easy peasy cooking.

Dry Goods

  • all-purpose flour
  • sugar (white, brown)
  • pasta
  • quinoa
  • cornmeal
  • rice (brown and white)
  • oats (steel cut and rolled)
  • dried beans and pulses (black, pinto, kidney, chickpeas, lentils)
  • nuts and seeds (pepitas, cashews, almonds)
  • dried herbs and spices (rosemary, basil, oregano, cumin, coriander, red chili flakes, cinnamon, turmeric)
  • oil and vinegar
  • coffee and tea

Canned Goods

  • diced tomatoes, tomato paste & tomato sauce
  • canned or boxed stock (chicken, beef, vegetable)
  • pumpkin and butternut squash pureés
  • canned fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon)
  • olives, pickles, capers, sun-dried tomatoes

Frozen Staples

  • vegetables (i.e. onions, peas, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, spinach)
  • meats (chicken breast, ground beef or turkey, meatballs, pork roast)

Long-Lasting Produce

  • potatoes (russet, Yukon gold, sweet potatoes, yams)
  • squash
  • garlic
  • apples
  • carrots
  • cabbage

Refrigerator Staples

  • cheeses
  • butter
  • milk and cream
  • meats (pork chops, chicken thighs, whole chicken, burgers, sausages)


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Here are some of the items you will need to make this recipe.

Mostly Pantry Staple Ingredient Recipes

Mostly Frozen Staple Ingredient Recipes

Mostly Fresh Staple Ingredient Recipes

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