1. The first time I tried tomato and mozzarella was at my friend’s house 10 years ago. We had gone out and came back at around midnight full hungry of course. It was amazing and since that I have been enjoying this simple salad. Now I need to try it with your parsley pesto! =D

  2. This a really beautiful salad and I love how simple it is. I am so jealous you have an abundance of fresh produce in your garden…wish my little porch tomatoes were that productive!

  3. I’ve never tasted a parsley pesto before, but it sounds tasty with the cashews and parmesan. And with a salad this simple to prepare, I can see why it’s a regular! Tasty, easy and healthful!

  4. Another great recipe to use our tomatoes up. This looks really delicious and healthy too. Cant wait to make it for us. I have never made the parsley pesto but have tasted it . thanks for the recipe

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