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Marks and Spencer Taste Range Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

As you know from a previous post I am a huge fan of meals from Marks and Spencer. I could spend weeks eating through their Italian and Summer of Flavours food including their grilled sardines, sweet potato chips and lamb pomegranate fire bread. So I was pretty please to be able to check out their latest additions to another of their ranges – the Taste Range.

The taste range is all about authentic food from Mexico, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. The dishes are full of favour and a great way to introduce you to flavour combinations from around the world especially as the autumn settles in and you day dream about all the destinations you want to be visiting.

Marks and Spencer Taste Range Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

Our clear favourite was the Red Thai Duck curry which rivaled any I have had in good Thai restaurants. The balance of spices was perfect and allowed the flavours of the other ingredients to come out. Our second favourite was the chicken penang curry. I am talking fine succulent meat, crunchy vegetables and the right combination of spices.

The chicken noodle bun cha from Vietnam was loaded full with crunchy vegetables and a paired beautifully with the refreshing tart lime chilli dressing. Same with the wok friend shaking beef which OH wolfed down faster than I could blink. I had to fight him for a taste.

Marks and Spencer Taste Range Review @ Recipes From A Pantry

From Japan we really enjoyed the miso yaki chicken noodles which one of the M&S store managers swears by as his current lunch staples. And then there were the scrumptious prawn and mange-tout gyoza. Dipped in the accompanying soy, ginger and lime sauce elevates them to something special.

Final stop Mexico. The chicken fajitas were just the right size – two each filled us up but wasn’t too much. And the fajitas had just the right amount of filling, you got the authentic “how do I eat this without things falling out”, which is an integral part of the experience. They’ve got the vegetables just right too, they are perfectly cooked, have just the right amount of bite, and are full of flavour. The dip trio is gorgeous too. I must confess that I ate the entire pot of smoky chipotle mayonnaise by myself with a pack of radishes. OH ate the other 2 dips with some nachos and a glass of cool beer after work.

Marks and Spencer currently have 25% of their taste range so perfect time to head on in to their stores, stock up and eat your way round the world. And you definitely need to start with that duck curry. If you are interested then please check out their website which suggest some food and drink pairings to go with their taste range. You are in for a treat.

Thanks to Marks and Spencer for the food to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love tasting food from around the world, especially it it’s spicy. It opens up our eyes (and our taste buds!) to different cultures and lifestyles. But sadly Thai food is the one type that I really don’t like. It’s the lemon flavouring that’s in a lot of the dishes. I really dislike it 🙁

    1. Oh noo. The Mexican and the Japanese ranges should be good for you if you want to avoid lemon.

  2. I try to steer clear of ready meals – unless they are Cornish pasties of course 😉 But why is it that Asian food so damn delicious?

  3. They all look nice, I don’t shop in there for food that often but sometimes pick up Saturday supper after day shopping with my mother. I would like to see what the Vietnamese stuff is like.

  4. I’ve seen thesein the store but not tried them yet. I’m often sceptical of Asian dishes in the supermarket but these sound delicious and I’ll have to give them a try. GG

  5. Not a ready meal eater but I do love M & S and buy fresh food there regularly. Will check out these meals next time I am there

    1. The Mexican choices also included a fab looking chili and some nachos so you are in for a treat.

  6. These sound gorgeous, I never eat ready meals as they’re normally horrible but these seem like a winner!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. India, seriously it is worth you popping in to an M&S store and try this and their summer of flavours range. Their food is really good.