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This collection of delicious Ninja Creami Protien Ice Cream Recipes includes everything from classic flavors to exciting combinations that are easy to make in minutes.

Includes recipes suitable for vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, low carb, and keto diets. Weight Watchers points included in some recipes.

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I love treating family and friends to guilt free treats all year long. And I Iove doing this with my Ninja Creami using minimal ingredients and minimal prep. Yeap, thanks to this handy ice cream machine, it’s entirely possible to easily whip up healthier desserts at home.

I am talking healthier frozen treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, and sorbets that are perfect for serving all summer long, from Memorial Day and Father’s Day through the 4th of July and Labor Day. Not to mention all the birthday parties, BBQs, and pool parties.

And what I’m really excited about is whipping up all sorts of delectable Ninja Creami protein ice cream recipes. These low calorie, low carb high protein Ninja Creami recipes are ideal for summertime (of course), and they’re just as great for serving at holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and more.

And if you love ice cream as much as I do, you’ll definitely want to start with :

What Is A Ninja Creami

The Ninja Creami is a versatile kitchen appliance that allows you to create a wide range of delicious frozen treats like ice creams, sorbets, smoothie bowls, gelato, milkshakes, low-carb delights, and sugar-free alternatives.

It is not a blender (don’t try and use it as one). Instead, it uses a “creamify” technology to churn liquids into smooth frozen desserts or drinks. But you first have to freeze the liquid and then add it to the machine and churn away.

Ninja Creami Tips

  • Do not overfill the container. Make sure it is a little under the max line to leave space for the expanding ice cream whilst it is processing. Buy a few extra pint containers so you always have some on hand.
  • Please do let this freeze for a full 24 hours. The ice cream base must be fully frozen for it to process correctly
  • If you are impatient just like me and don’t enjoy waiting, then prep and freeze more than one pint at a time.
  • Is your ice cream not smooth enough? Then use the re-spin function before adding the mix-ins. And if it’s still not the right texture, simply add a splash of liquid and re-spin again.
  • Please do not try use it as a blender. Do not add in frozen fruit or ice, etc.

Handy Tip: Use Good Kitchen Tools!

For the best tools to help make your recipe even easier and more successful, check out my collection of the Best Kitchen Tools on Amazon.

Ready to learn how to make protein ice cream in the Ninja Creami? Then this is the list you’ve been waiting for!

Ninja Creami Protein Ice Cream Recipes

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a bowl of Ninja Creami Protein Ice Cream served with a spoon and ice cream cone.
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Ninja Creami Protein Recipes

It's easy to make delicious protein ice cream at home!
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American, Western
Diet: Diabetic, Gluten Free, Low Calorie
Author: Bintu Hardy


  • Choose the Ninja Creami protein recipe you want to make.
  • Gather up the ingredients needed.
  • Follow the instructions included in the recipe.
  • Enjoy your delicious Ninja Creami protein ice cream!
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