1. A delightfully refreshing and colourful summer tipple Bintu, especially with the vodka! I’m so boring with drinks and really need to expand my limited repertoire, both for the kids and grown ups.

  2. What a fantastic day, and we’ve still got the weather for it now! I love the kids setting up stall and selling lemonade to everyone. Enterprising – never too young to start 🙂

  3. Well, anything that makes a hundred million thousand must be amazing!! Love the way the littlies count.

    I’ve been thinking about lemonade as the weather has got hotter and this looks perfect.

    Like Lou, I love the new look, so glad it worked out even if getting there was a bit stressful. GG

    • I should rename it the hundred million thousand lemonade. Took a while to get he new look sorted but I am almost there now.

  4. Oh the perfect drink for such a hot day. I love the addition of raspberries to lemonage – an awesome drink Bintu:-)

  5. Oh my gawd this sounds wonderful with your enjoying and bbq’ing the yard, Bintu! Phoenix and I would love to come over and hang out with you guys. Just tell us what to bring. But, I do want to have that raspberry drink of your’s! We hope you are having a great day 🙂


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