Roasted Butternut and Goji Berry Superfoods Salad

Hey folks,

Today I am guest posting this roasted butternut squash and goji berry salad over at Blahnik Baker.

I plan for this to be one of my regular salads over the summer.  It is full of flavour, texture, colour (I love red and orange foods), fresh salad greens, herbs, fruits and nuts. All topped up with good for you goji berries and a delicious balsamic vinaigrette. We all need a superfoods salad in our lives.

Roasted butternut and Goji Berry Salad @ Recipes From A Pantry

Do pop over to Blahnik Baker and check out this recipe. And whilst you are there please feast your eyes  on all her lush desserts.  I have on my to bake list her lemon macarons and coconut almond cream cake.

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  2. Bintu I love the clean crisp look of your photo and it is so tantalising I want to eat ur photo 🙂 Totally agree with u there we all NEED superfoods in our life!