Rotimatic Review (Roti Maker)

Want to make homemade roti in your very own roti maker?? I have been having so much fun with my roti maker, the Rotimatic. Let me show you how to make roti in my Rotimatic review (plus why you will looove this roti maker).

Delighted to have teamed up with Rotimatic to bring you this Rotimatic review. Although it is a sponsored partnership, all opinions are my own.

Picture of a rotimatic (roti maker)

OK guys, has summer got you all excited about whipping up dips, salads, pulled meats? Me too, me too. Especially when I have got my brand new Rotimatic aka the best automatic (yeap, really) flatbread maker ever… so I can make a zillion flatbreads to serve with my summer eats.

Truth: I love (loooooooooooooove) new kitchen appliances. The mini chefs were looking at me with quizzical looks as I acted no older than their friends whilst excitedly opening the Rotimatic box. It was Christmastime in July, peeps, and all of you know how much I love Christmas.

I know my excitement over this machine is going to last well past Christmas (and I will surely whip it out plenty during the holiday season) because this machine does so much. It is also so entertaining – chefs and mini chefs of all ages will enjoy using it. It is really the ‘flatbread maker of the future.’ (Someone said to me upon seeing it: ‘Wow, it is a bread printer.’)

4 rotis on a board

It is also turning out to be the perfect complement to so many of my favourite Instant Pot dishes, so much so that I have prepared an entire section of Instant Pot recipes that pair well with Rotimatic flatbreads. Just call them kitchen besties.

But first, let me start this Rotimatic review by introducing you to the machine…..

What is the Rotimatic?

As the folks at Rotimatic explain it: ‘Rotimatic is the world’s first fully integrated solution that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and delights. All in one machine!’

As I explain it: ‘Rotimatic is a fab machine that makes roti, puri and pizza using the ingredients you choose (no hidden ‘bad stuff’) without a mess or with almost no effort. You load your ingredients, select your settings and then then sit back and wait for your gorgeous flatbread to cook.’

Rotimatic Review: How to Use the Rotimatic Roti Maker

To trial my Rotimatic for this Rotimatic review, I made roti… who wouldn’t want to make roti in the Rotimatic?? Roti is near and dear to my heart because we went to Malaysia on our honeymoon. That is where I got introduced to having roti and curry for breakfast, found in street corner cafés everywhere.

I fell in love and wanted to make roti when I got back but I tried and I had no success… until now. (Better late than never.) I am so happy to be able to make roti and bring back memories.

rotimatic review (roti maker) - showing flour oil and water in the containers

It was super easy to do – just add oil, flour and water to the containers, tell it how many rotis, choose your setting and press go. It does everything else for you. Sooo easy.

You can also add spices and flavourings to the rotis prior to cooking. And you choose the thickness, how much you would like it roasted and how much oil you have in your roti. You really get to make it YOUR roti. (Because your roti is the best roti, right??)

roti coming out of the rotimatic


Make the roti ahead and keep it in cloth for softness for curry nights, guests, lunch wraps and so much more. We have been having roti for breakfast almost every single day… yeap, it is that good.

Why not check out this Video by the Rotimatic Team to find out more about how to make Rotis?

Other Breads that Can Be Made in the Rotimatic

You can also make puri or pizza in the Rotimatic right now. Notice that I said ‘right now’… oh yes, they have big future plans to also provide software updates (yeap, that’s all that is necessary – no extra parts or pieces to buy) to make tortillas, wraps, and pitas/khubz.

Instant Pot Recipes to Pair with Rotimatic Flatbreads

I told you that the Instant Pot is the perfect companion to the Rotimatic… make dips, sauces, pulled meats etc. in the Instant Pot and make roti, puri or pizza in the Rotimatic at the same time. Combine the two for meal perfection.

The kitchen besties together…….

rotimatic and instant pot on a kitchen counter

Why You Will Love this Roti Machine

So guys, here are all the reasons you will love the Rotimatic:

  • You can use your own ingredients. No guessing about ingredients you can’t pronounce or know where they came from.
  • It will save you time. No by hand preparation needed which saves you an hr a day. Add your ingredients, press a button and that is it. The Rotimatic takes only 90 secs (after warm-up) to make rotis, making it ideal for busy working adults, parents who have to meal prep after work for their kids and loved ones as well as people who just hate to spend much time in the kitchen.
  • It will save you money. Instead of buying roti, puri or pizza bread (which will never taste as good as homemade), you can make it in your own kitchen. A lifetime of homemade flatbreads = big savings.
  • It is efficient. You will not just get a handful of rotis out of the Rotimatic. You can make up to 20 rotis in 1 go. That makes it perfect for big gatherings like holiday parties, summer BBQs, family get-togethers and more.
  • It is smart (technologically advanced). The Rotimaker uses software and connects to wifi so it is a smart machine. In fact, Rotimatic describes it as ‘an evolving kitchen robot with Artifical Intelligence and IoT capabilities.’ It can troubleshoot remotely and all future upgrades will come through software upgrades.
  • Kids will love this machine. The mini chefs called all their friends round to come make rotis which resulted in a large roti-making party in our kitchen. (Kids at heart will also love this machine.)
  • It makes great food. In the end, that is what really matters, right??

rotis on a board with chilli

The Rotimatic and all its awesome current and future capabilities cost $999. Even better, the good folks at Rotimatic are offering a $100 discount exclusively to Recipes from a Pantry readers. Click here to have the discount automatically applied at checkout.

Want to hear from other happy Rotimatic customers? You can read reviews from existing Rotimatic owners here.

Happy roti-making (and eating), folks.

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Thank you for reading my Rotimatic review (roti maker) post. And please visit again as I continue dreaming up recipes, traditional African recipes, African fusion recipes, Sierra Leone recipes, travel plans and much more for you. Thanks for reading Recipes from a Pantry, UK food blog.

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  3. The Rotimatic is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that allows you to make fresh, homemade rotis with ease. It has received mixed reviews from users, with some praising its convenience and quality, while others criticize its price and performance. However, if you are someone who loves the taste of freshly made rotis but doesn’t have the time or skill to make them by hand, the Rotimatic may be worth considering. It offers a hassle-free way to enjoy this Indian staple, so if you’re on the fence, why not give it a try and go now to experience it for yourself?

  4. This is absolutely amazing! I have been wanting a machine like Rotimatic. Thank god I live in Singapore, I don’t have to wait. I like your review about this. I am purchasing it soon.