Sage Scraper Mixer Pro Review

Sage Scraper Mixer Pro Review-14 | Recipes From A Pantry

Do you know that feeling? The one were you keep wandering past your new kitchen gadget, occasionally stroking it and definitely regularly muttering my precious? That was the feeling I had when my Sage Scrapper Mixer Pro arrived and 2 whole months later, I still got it.

I really dig the Sage and Heston Blumenthal collaboration Smart waffle maker which I now use twice a week. So it is no surprise that I am just as much into the Scraper Mixer Pro (and Heston Blumenthal’s ‘I want to make kitchen gadgets better and more efficient for everyone’ brain).

 A really rather awesome and innovative aspect of this is the scraper mixer attachment.

Every great cake starts with perfectly creamed butter. But butter sticks to the bowl hiding lumpy bits of sugar and requires wiping as you mix. So this mixer has a windscreen wiper to scrape the bowl whilst it mixes.

The scraper beater scraps all the mixer from the side and bottom of the mixing bowl, thoroughly mixing the ingredients, meaning that the overall mixing time is cut by up to 60%. It replicates the action used by commercial mixers with a planetary mixing action and 360 degree coverage around the bowl, for evenly mixed batter, creamy icing and pliable dough.

Plus, it works up to three times faster than ordinary beaters so it traps in more air, making lighter fluffier cakes. So clever, time saving and producing the perfect cakes? Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

Sage Scraper Mixer Pro Review-76 | Recipes from A Pantry

Also awesome is the fact that it comes with an electronic speed control working its way from slow kneading to light mixing to rapid whipping along with a rather handy countdown / count up timer. And the splash guard is totally cloth saving. Trust me on that one. The scraper mixer pro comes with a 4.7l mixing bowl capacity, a scraper beater, standard flat beater, dough hook, wire whisk, splash guard, spatula, the instruction booklets which comes with a good range of starter recipes.

You guys, watch this space for cakes and bakes all mixed in my stylish, beautifully designed and very innovative Sage Scrapper Mixer Pro.

The Sage Scaper Mixer Pro retails for £299 from Sage Appliances, John Lewis and other major retailers.

PS – I want to say a big smoochie foodie thank you to the lovely team at Sage for sending me this Scraper Mixer Pro. How did I ever survive so long without it? All opinions and my mixer stroking craziness are my own.

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