A Thank You to My OH

Hey OH,

It is Valentine’s Day soon.  

And I thought I would just take this moment to drop you a massive thank you for being the bestest man a girl could hope for.

You know you rock right?

I knew you were the one the moment you introduced me to your home made pesto.

1-IMG_4451Then there are the mini chefs. They rock just like you. Thank you.



You put up with me and my crazy but fun food blog antiques.

You patiently entertain the mini chefs over the weekend mornings so that I have some blog time to develop and test my recipes.Roasted aubergine

You gamely try out the recipes, even the more interesting sounding ones. 

I promise never ever to make blended chilli anchovy and spinach pancakes ever again. No matter what.

But more importantly you do all the washing up and empty every single bin.

And thank you for agreeing to the trip of a lifetime that we are currently on.  Isn’t it fun reading this as we sit in the sun on the edge of a continent with the sound and colours of the Atlantic in the background?

The next four blog recipes are for you as these are some of your favourite things. Plus the next 2 weeks I will cook all your favourites.  The washing up – well, we can sort that out later.  

You do rock.

Thank you.Lentil Tacos

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  1. Oh he’s such a KEEPER!!!! Sounds like an incredible other half and very deservant of a special thank you …… and the occasional washing up! Gorgeous post Bintu.