1. Oh this sounds lovely! I am quite partial to venison but I’ve never been able to buy mince up here in Shetland, just ready made venison products or a roast at the butchers. Beautiful photos too!

  2. Wow! that looks fantastic B. and yummy! If I ate meat I’d probably be making plans to come over next time you guys make this:)

  3. I love venison too and I don’t think I’ve ever posted a venison recipe either! This burger looks wonderful with all those veggies and really flavourful. I love Stokes sauces, they’ve become a real favourite chez Glam. GG

  4. Fantastic! Stunning and definitely happening this weekend, will be making this and your beautiful Parma and guava salad, have a bunch of peeps visiting as we are moving soon and this will be perfect! Ty


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