Air Fryer Heart Potatoes

It’s so easy to make deliciously crispy Heart Potatoes in the air fryer or oven. Cook up Heart Shaped Potatoes for a super fun and festive Valentine’s Day side dish or snack that everyone will love!

These are soooo easy to make. All that’s needed is to grab your heart shaped cookie cutters to create these adorable Heart Shaped Potatoes.


- Large white potatoes - Vegetable oil - Salt

Step 1

AIR FRYER METHOD: Wash potatoes, pat dry and slice them into half-inch slices. Use a metal cookie cutter to cut out the potato hearts.

Step 2

Brush them with oil and sprinkle on some salt and extra seasoning. Preheat Air Fryer to 400 degrees F / 200 degrees C.

Step 3

Place heart potatoes in the air fryer basket, making sure there is space between them.

Step 4

Air fry for 13-15 minutes, shaking the basket a few times during cooking, until crispy and golden brown.