Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

A family favorite, these kid-friendly air fryer pizza rolls are sure to be a hit in your household! Great as a snack or a meal, they’re so easy to make that your little ones can help make them as well.


- Ready-made refrigerated pizza dough or crescent rolls dough - Tomato sauce - Pepperoni - Mozzarella cheese - Butter - Garlic powder - Salt - Pepper

Step 1

Preheat the air fryer to 375 degrees F / 190 degrees C. Divide the ready-rolled dough into 8 equal strips, dust some flour onto the dough to keep it from sticking if needed.

Step 2

Spread 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce onto each strip, then quarter all the pepperoni and evenly distribute to all 8 strips.

Step 3

Divide the shredded mozzarella cheese to 8 portions and put it on top of the strips, and then roll all the strips up.

Step 4

Put garlic powder, salt, and pepper in the rest of the melted butter, mix together and then brush the mixture to the top of the pizza roll-ups.