Instant Pot Chicken And Dumplings

This comforting creamy Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings recipe is super easy to prepare with minimal effort and uses everyday ingredients.

The flavorful broth is full of tender chicken, veggies, and canned biscuits for an easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love.


- Chicken broth - Boneless skinless chicken thighs - Celery stalks - Red onion - Carrots - Salt and pepper - Italian Seasoning - Buttermilk

Step 1

Add chicken broth, chicken thighs, celery, potato, onions, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and biscuit pieces into the Instant Pot.

Step 2

Close the Instant pot lid, seal, set to high pressure, select Pressure Cook or Manual Setting, and set timer for 7 minutes.

Step 3

When done, allow for a natural pressure release of 5 minutes then quick release the remaining pressure. Open the lid and remove the chicken thighs.

Step 4

Cut cooked chicken into bite-sized pieces, or shred, and set aside. Set to sauté setting on normal, stir in grated carrots and simmer for a minute, followed by heavy cream, buttermilk.