Easy Grilled Prawns

These grilled prawns are incredibly easy to make using staple ingredients you already own. They are the perfect appetizer or easy weeknight dinner you can serve all year long.


- Olive oil - Gluten free soy sauce - Honey - Chili sauce - Lime juice - Garlic - Ginger - Red pepper flakes - Peeled and cleaned prawns

Step 1

Mix together olive oil, soy sauce, honey, chili pasta, lime juice, minced garlic, minced ginger and red pepper flakes in a large bowl, then add the peeled prawns and mix until coated.

Step 2

You can cook them right away, or leave them to marinate. If marinating, marinate for 30 minutes. Then thread shellfish (about 5-6) onto each soaked skewer.

Step 3

Preheat the grill (or charcoal grill), broiler, or griddle pan to medium high heat, oil the grates, and grill the seafood for 1½ – 3 minutes per side or until opaque.

Step 4

Transfer skewers to a plate and serve immediately with lime wedges or lemon wedges.


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