Fried Chicken Legs

Learn how to fry chicken legs that turn out delicious, perfectly crispy, and golden brown every time. Perfect for picnics, barbecues, parties, and family meals.


- Chicken legs - All-purpose flour - Salt - Garlic powder - White pepper - Tabasco sauce - Mayonnaise - Mustard - Vegetable oil

Step 1

Combine mayonnaise, mustard, tabasco sauce, salt and spices in a deep bowl to make a marinade.

Step 2

Dry the chicken legs with paper towels and add to the marinade. Toss so the legs are completely covered. 

Step 3

Pour frying oil into a deep frying pan and heat to 350 degrees F / 180 degrees C. Just before cooking, add flour into a bowl and dredge the chicken legs.

Step 4

Place the chicken into the hot oil. Fry the legs for 10-12 minutes, gradually turning them. Transfer the cooked chicken to paper towels or a baking rack to drain the excess oil.