Air Fryer Shrimp Skewers on a while plate an garnished with chopped cilantro and lime wedges

Cilantro Lime Air Fryer Shrimp Skewers

Cilantro Lime Air Fryer Shrimp Skewers are perfect game day fare that is also perfectly healthy.
Course Appetizer, Dinner
Cuisine American, Western
Keyword air fryer shrimp skewers
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 13 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 59kcal
Author Bintu Hardy | Recipes From A Pantry


  • 1/2 lb (225g) raw shrimp peeled and deveined
  • 1/2 tsp garlic purée
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp of chopped cilantro (fresh coriander leaves)


Air Fryer Instructions:

  • Soak 6 wooden skewers for 15-20 mins before needed.
  • Preheat air fryer to 350 F (180C).
  • Mix lemon Juice, garlic, paprika, cumin and salt in a bowl. Add shrimp and stir to evenly coat.
  • Thread shrimp onto the skewers.
  • Place skewers in air fryer and make sure they are not touching.
  • Cook for 5-8 mins, turning skewers halfway through the cook time. Since air fryer temperatures can vary, start with less time and then add more as needed.
  • Transfer shrimp to a plate and serve with chopped cilantro (coriander) and extra lime slices.

Grill Instructions:

  • Preheat the grill (or barbeque) to medium.
  • Oil the grill plate (make sure use an oil approved for your dietary considerations).
  • Place shrimp on a griddle on the hot barbeque or grill.
  • Cook for 2-3 mins on each side until they are cooked through.
  • Transfer to a plate and serve.



Tips for Making Air Fryer Shrimp Skewers
  • You can vary the spices and herbs to suit your taste. If following a particular eating program, make sure the spices and seasonings are compliant and program-approved.
  • This marinade also works well on fish, chicken and pork.
  • Make sure the skewers will fit inside your air fryer. You can buy smaller skewers, but if you already have longer skewers on hand do what I did and cut them down to fit in the air fryer basket (I cut mine to 6.5 inches).
  • Do a quick baste with the marinade just before adding the skewers to the air fryer.
  • Air fryer temperatures can vary depending on the make and model, so it is important to always check your food for doneness and adjust the cook time as needed.
Chef’s Tip: Remember that cooking time depends on the size of your shrimp, so start out with less time if you are unsure and then increase accordingly. 
What To Serve With Air Fryer Shrimp Skewers
Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Wings.
Instant Pot Mexican Rice. (if not following Whole 30 or Keto plans)
Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries.
Weight Watchers Points
There are 0 (that's right, zero!) Freestyle Points in a serving of Cilantro Lime Air Fryer Shrimp Skewers.


Calories: 59kcal | Protein: 11g | Cholesterol: 142mg | Sodium: 441mg | Potassium: 45mg | Vitamin A: 140IU | Vitamin C: 2.3mg | Calcium: 82mg | Iron: 1.4mg