23 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

This collection of Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes will help you start your day off right! Thanks to the air fryer, you’re only a handful of minutes away from enjoying a hot, tasty, & totally satisfying breakfast.

Crispy Easy Air Fryer Bacon

Crispy Air Fryer Bacon is healthier version of your favourite that is quick and easy to make!

Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs

This breakfast treat is so easy and convenient to make!

This Air Fryer Frittata is a quick, easy and protein-packed way to start your day!

Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata

These Air Fryer French Toast Sticks are an easy and delicious kid-friendly breakfast solution that the whole family will love!

Air Fryer French Toast Sticks

This irresistible recipe combines two of your favorite breakfast foods all rolled into one!

Air Fryer Bacon Cinnamon Rolls