Filipino  Cassava Cake Recipe

Cassava Cake is a hearty dessert for special occasions or you can serve it as a  sweet yet heavy snack. 

You’ll love this Filipino Style Cassava Cake. If you’ve never had it, you’re in for a real treat.


- Cassava - Condensed milk - Evaporated milk - Eggs - Melted butter - Sugar - Cheddar cheese - Coconut milk

Step 1

Preheat the oven to fan-assisted 160C / 180C / 350F / gas 4. Combine the grated cassava, condensed milk, evaporated milk, eggs, butter,  sugar, cheese & coconut milk in a mixing bowl & mix until combined.

Step 2

Grease the baking tray, then pour-in the cassava cake batter. Bake the cassava cake for 1 hr. Remove from the oven and set aside.

Step 3

Meanwhile, prepare the topping by combining the sugar, flour and condensed milk in a saucepan and mix thoroughly. Add the cheese while stirring constantly.

Step 4

Pour the coconut milk and stir constantly for 8-10 mins. Pour the topping over the cassava cake (baked batter) and spread evenly.