Jerk Fish Stew With Pepper Pineapple Fried Rice – African Recipe {Gluten-free}

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Who is ready for some  pineapple fried ricejerk fish stew with pepper? I feel you all raising your hands going me, me, me. And you would, as it is tasty, easy so a great quick weeknight supper as well as perfect for special occasions such as Easter and Mother’s day.


This is a sponsored post done in cooperation with Iceland Foods. However, all opinions are my own.


This jerk fish stew recipe with pepper pineapple fried rice is easy, tasty, quick and nutritious. African recipe | Recipes From A Pantry

Mother’s day tends to be a little bittersweet for me. I get a little bit sad as I am hardly ever in the same country as my mum then. So, I resort to cooking a great big spread along with some drinks, a skype session, rather a lot of tissues and a whole load of catching up.

I can’t complain too much though as the kiddoes and Freddy proceed to thoroughly spoil me the whole day. Yeap, I get breakfast made for me, lovely home-made cards and some rather interesting jewellery that F gets the girls to pick up from the local charity shops 🙂

huge bowl of jerk fish stew with jerk fish, pineapple fried rice, and other vegetables

So, what will I be whipping up for this Mother’s day?  It had to fit three criteria: it had to be easy as I wanted to spend less time in the kitchen and more time catching up to my mum and hanging with the kiddoes. It had to involve at least one African recipe, to cater to the Sierra Leonean in me.

But most importantly it had to involve fruits and fish as my mum adores these. Luckily, I had just stocked up my freezer with freshly frozen staples, including 6 different sorts of fish from Iceland Foods (yeah, I love always having these to hand) – so it was easy to come up with a three-course extravaganza that fit the bill perfectly.

Starters – will be these rather finger licking hot and spicy chicken wings. Pretty much pop in the oven and 18 mins later, out come these, oh yes THESE chicken wings.

iceland hot chicken wings in two containers with spring onions on top

Main dish – a flavourful jerk snapper stew served with some pepper pineapple fried rice.  Adapted from Jamaica all the way to Africa. Hello freshly frozen snapper and freshly frozen cooked rice. You are my new favourite things.

closeup shot of beautiful jerk fish stew in a white bowl with vegetables and fish

Dessert – The world easiest dessert aka treats from their 50-piece party dessert platter. Seriously one of the best dessert ever especially as all I have to do is as in take them out of the freezer, defrost and serve.

Iceland Dessert Platter with colourful desserts on a plate next to flowers

I think you guys know that I dig Iceland Foods right? I can honestly say that their frozen range has been a lifesaver plenty a time. I love the fact that I can stock up my freezer with their eats and can therefore pull some very good quality and nutritious food.

Whether it is for that the weather is nice so let’s have a kid’s picnic moment, impromptu girly gathering or me throwing together a quick healthy breakfast to a 3 course Mother’s Day offering. Yeah, Iceland Foods are my kind of awesome. Find out more about them on social media using #PowerOfFrozen.

iceland foods red snapper fillets and white rice steam bags

You guys should definitely pop into your nearest Iceland store and check out their extensive range of frozen veggies and fruit (more than enough for you to the recommended 10 portions of fruit and veggie a day), meats and more. Alternatively, just order online and get your food delivered directly to your front door.

And here are a few other Iceland Foods posts you might enjoy – Mincemeat Christmas Martini {Iceland Foods Christmas Event #ReasonsToBeJolly} and Hibiscus Whisky Sour {And a Party with Iceland Luxury Food Platters}.

This post is sponsored by some lovely folk. Thank you for supporting them, as they make it possible for me to continue dreaming up recipes, travel plans and much more for you. Opinions as always, are my own.

Thank you for reading my Pineapple Fried Rice Recipe post. And please come visit again as I continue dreaming up recipes, traditional African recipes, African fusion recipes, Sierra Leone recipes, travel plans and much more for you.

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Don't forget to tag #recipesfromapantry on Instagram or Twitter if you try Jerk Fish Stew With Pepper Pineapple Fried Rice! It is really, really awesome for me when you make one of my recipes and I'd love to see it. You can also share it on my Facebook page. Please pin this recipe to Pinterest too! Thank you for reading Recipes from a Pantry.

This jerk fish stew recipe with pepper pineapple fried rice is easy, tasty, quick and nutritious. African recipe | Recipes From A Pantry
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Jerk Fish Stew With Pepper Pineapple Fried Rice

Jerk Fish Stew With Pepper Pineapple Fried Rice
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes
Total Time35 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: African
Servings: 4
Calories: 654kcal
Author: Bintu Hardy


For the jerk snapper stew

  • 2 red snapper fillets defrosted
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 100 g (3.5oz) frozen chopped onions
  • 100 g (3.50z) frozen baby carrots
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 sprig thyme
  • fry for 10 mins
  • 0.5 tsp ginger
  • 1 tbsp mild jerk seasoning paste
  • 400 g (14oz) finely chopped tomatoes.

For the pineapple fried rice

  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 125 g (4.4oz) pepper
  • ¾ tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp minced ginger
  • 125 g (4.4oz) pineapple defrosted and chopped small
  • 4 spring onions scallions, chopped
  • 400 g (14oz) frozen rice 14oz, defrosted


For the jerk snapper stew

  • Season the snapper fillets with salt and pepper.
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat and fry the snapper fillets for 2-3 mins on each side. Remove the fish and set aside somewhere warm.
  • Add the onions, carrots, bay leaf, thyme to the same pan and fry for about 10 mins until the veggies are cooked through.
  • Mix in the ginger, jerk seasoning paste and onion, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 15 mins.
  • Add in the fish, simmer for a couple of mins till cooked through, adjust seasoning and switch off.

For the pepper pineapple fried rice

  • Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat and fry the peppers for a few mins until soft.
  • Then quickly stir in the turmeric, ginger, pineapple and spring onions till combined.
  • Mix in the rice, and stir for a few mins till the rice is warmed through. Adjust seasoning and switch off the heat.


  • Serve the jerk snapper stew over some of the pepper pineapple stew.
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An African recipe that is perfect for Easter or Mother's Day.


Calories: 654kcal | Carbohydrates: 114g | Protein: 29g | Fat: 10g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 31mg | Sodium: 126mg | Potassium: 1334mg | Fiber: 13g | Sugar: 8g | Vitamin A: 5295IU | Vitamin C: 35.6mg | Calcium: 237mg | Iron: 5.4mg


















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