Hello and welcome! I am Bintu and I love creating fresh, exciting recipes with color, flavor and a dash of spice. You will find good food made with real ingredients, ranging from colorful healthy dishes to decadent desserts and everything in between.

I want to get you creating exciting dishes from whatever ingredients you find in your pantry. Anyone can do this, cooking just needs practice and imagination. I grew up helping my Gran and favorite Aunt cook meals for our super-extended family and through that have tested my recipes a million times so that I bring you only the best recipes for you to enjoy.

Recipes from a Pantry is a blog that brings you EASY RECIPES, ones that you will be cooking again and again wether for busy weeknight dinners, easy lunches and brunches, festive family gatherings or make ahead and meal prep recipes.

What You’ll find On Recipes From A Pantry

You will find really easy recipes. A lot of my recipes have detailed step by step instructions along with a lot of accompanying images to help you follow along in your kitchen. I aim to make cooking colourful, easy and fun for you.

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shrimp creole served in a bowl with a spoon

A Few Fun Facts ………..

  • My pantry is so full, that I spend ages trying to find things
  • I am Sierra Leonean by birth
  • I like music almost as much as I like food. My dancing skills however….
  • One day, I plan to be great at origami and passable at drawing
  • I live on a farm and in my wellies
  • Children’s party games include driving them around the farm in the tractor #bestgameever
  • First time Freddy took me to his local beach, I looked at the pebbles in horror and said “you call THIS a beach”
  • I don’t like washing up and hide the washing up in the pantry when impromptu guests drop in
  • I have 2 freezers. I like being prepared.
  • I used to be an entomologist and have a PhD
  • I got married in a bright, daffodil yellow dress
  • I have 2 girls – they are wonderful, fun and seriously hard work….
  • Sad but true, I finish all my Christmas shopping by August.
  • The kindle – best invention ever
  • My maternal grandfather was a medic in the war