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Freddy did not believe in bread knives.

Robert Welch Bread Knive review | Recipes From A Pantry

He has absolutely refused to have one, even using words like utter waste of space, what is the point, we don’t need one etc etc. He had a response to every single argument I made. I threw in the towel and pretty much gave up on that idea for the last decade.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Robert Welch Knives Master class, where I got introduced to knives that were fit for purpose, that make life easy and that keep cooking enjoyable for me. I fell in knife love there and then.

I took these knives home, left them in the kitchen, before heading off to London for a couple of days. So imagine my surprise when he called me and sheepishly admitted that he had used the new bread knife, and that he had been ‘wrong’ all these years. Weeks later and I still can’t believe it. I have spent the last few weeks making bread every other day, just so that I can see Freddy use the bread knife. And admit that he was wrong, again.

Robert Welch Knives review | Recipes From A Pantry

My favourite is the chefs knife which I use every single day.  I reach for it without even thinking about it. Honestly peeps, I love, love love using the Robert Welch Signature knives. They are beautiful to look at, beautiful to hold with the handle fitting just right in your hand and they do their jobs extremely beautifully. Each blade is made from a single piece of germen steel, which gives it the strength needed to do it job, but with a Japanese style curve for sharpness. The blade is also rounded which makes for super comfortable rocking and chopping, which really I need.

Robert Welch Knives review | Recipes From A Pantry

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  1. LOVE this post! It’s unbelievable what a good knife can do for you in the kitchen…really changes your entire cooking experience! This bread knife looks really nice…

  2. LOL I’m like him. I’m not very good with knives so I really only use the small ones for EVERYTHING thinking the smaller the knife the less chance of disaster! But I guess that’s just silly! These are really great knives.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful photography. I couldn’t live my culinary life with out my bread knife!