Cashew, Lime and Pineapple Sundae – Sierra Leone Flavours

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Cashew, Lime and Pineapple Sundae – Sierra Leone Flavours

I like my ice cream. Especially on top of pancakes with some fruit on the side. And that is just for breakfast.

So of course I would not say no to creating a sundae for Mövenpick ice cream. Especially handy as I had been thinking of recreating one of my Sierra Leonean sundaes for my girly weekend. After browsing through Mövenpick’s range, I saw their luxury vanilla dream ice cream which I knew would be perfect for my Bintu Special – aka cashew, lime and pineapple sundae.

Back home this sundae always started at a very basic level ie picking the cashew apple (from the solitary cashew tree we had). Then I got to eat the fruit, before carefully peeling of the toxic shell and roasting the nut. As fun and exciting as that was, I am glad that now I can just get myself a pack of already peeled cashew nuts to use – there is a lot to be said for convenience.

Pineapple Sundae Ice Cream Recipe @ Recipes From A Pantry

On the other hand I miss the pineapples in Sierra Leone – they would suddenly appear in the market as the season came. And there would be pineapple sellers, with ready-peeled slices on their heads, which you’d just be able to lean out of the car, hand over a some cash and have some sweet, warm, fresh pineapple.

This sundae is good. Try to get your pineapple as ripe as possible so that the sweet flavour really contrasts with the lime flavour and complements the slightly sweet roasted cashew. This is fresh and simple and without any syrup, relying entirely on the sweetness of the pineapple. I like to think that is a healthier sundae, at least that is what I tell myself. It really works. Next on my list is a sundae which involves the Mövenpick lemon and lime ice cream.

Pineapple Sundae Ice Cream Recipe @ Recipes From A Pantry

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Sierra Leone flavours – is the spot on my blog where I share both traditional Sierra Leonean recipes and West African fusion recipes.

Thanks to Mövenpick for providing me with supermarket vouchers and sundae glasses to create this recipe for their blogger challenge. The winner will get a 2 hour master class with Cherish Finden from the Langham as well as afternoon tea for two at the Palm Court.

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Cashew, Lime and Pineapple Sundae - Sierra Leone Flavours
A fresh and simple cashew, lime and pineapple sundae.
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 1
  • 2 slices of pineapple cored and cut into chunks
  • 3 tsp lime juice
  • 2-3 scoops Mövenpick vanilla dream ice cream
  • 2 tbsp toasted cashew nuts chopped
  1. Combine the pineapple chunks and lime juice together.
  2. Put half the pineapple chunks in the bottom of the sundae glass.
  3. Add in the ice cream.
  4. Then top with the remaining pineapple chunks and cashew nuts.
  5. Serve immediately.

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  1. This sounds so delicious!!

    • And just absolutely great for this weather rigth?

  2. Your photo quality is amazing!

    • Thanks Mez. I think the ice cream helped a lot 😀 .

  3. Lovely, looks and sounds delicious. Now I’m in the mood for some ice cream

    • Nettie, Movenpick will be pleased to hear that. As am I.

  4. This is perfect for summer, I love pineapple!

    • Familyfever – glad to meet fellow pineapple lovers. I hope you get to make this.

  5. Mez is right that photo is amazing. As is the sundae recipe. Love the idea of all those fresh flavours topped odd with crunchy nuts. What does a cashew fruit look like? GG

    • I think I am going to have to send you a picture GG.

  6. Mouthwatering, just mouthwatering. As a sidenote, what does a cashew apple taste like?

    • Soft, fleshy and sweet. I don’t know if that makes sense Emma.

  7. What a lovely sundae Bintu, with all those fabulous flavours of Sierra Leone. And a truly beautiful picture too!

  8. aww thank you for linking up to mine! I’ve never made a sundae before, so it was err, what you’d call experimental.

    I’d love to go to Sierre Leone one Day…and try some Bintu flavours in situ!

    • It looked really good Fiona. The right sort of experiment. I hope you get to go to Sierra Leone too.

  9. isnt this just so perfect for summer.. look seriously delicious. i could definitely kick back with one of these right about now!

    • Glad to be tempting you Thalia.

  10. The flavors sound amazing together!

  11. I love ice cream and experimenting with combinations, this looks like a great one for a hot sunny day

    • Experimenting with ice cream is kind of the perfect job right?

  12. Now, that is a combination Bintu! Sounds like something I would want to try….

    • I am pleased that so many people are inspired to try this. Movenpick and my job is done.

  13. This sounds such a refreshing and tangy flavour combo, love making a subdae reminds me of childhood.


  14. Oh wow this looks amazing! Your photography is so beautiful too!

  15. i am loving these flavors! thanks for a great idea!

  16. The cashews, lime and pineapple sound like such a unique combination! I’m curious. And I’ve never had ice cream on pancakes and soooo want to try that! Very cool that you have a cashew tree, Bintu :)

    • Mike – ice cream on pancakes is soooooo good. Seriously you need to have test it.

  17. Wonderfully simple, exotic and absolutely the sort of thing I want a large spoon for! lovely use of cashews, I don’t normally do that.

    • Large virtual spoonful sent over to you Deena.

  18. This looks absolutely stunning Bintu and lovely fresh flavours for the summer too.

  19. Lovely combination of flavours and photo Bintu. Ice cream is possibly the hardest thing to photograph!

    • Ice cream def one of the challenging things to photograph as a food blogger.

  20. GREAT combination of flavours here Bintu!LOVE it!

  21. This looks absolutely gorgeous. I bet it was really refreshing as well

    • It is Alison,the lime certainly makes it so.

  22. The sundae sounds divine, of course, but I really enjoyed your description of the cashew trees back home. I had no idea that was where cashews come from, and suddenly now I don’t mind paying a lot for them in the supermarket! 😉

  23. Sounds like a great recipe Bintu, good luck with the competition.

  24. That sounds absolutely fantastic – my favourite flavours in one glass – delicious! I have always wanted to taste cashew fruit – have you found anywhere in the UK where it can be bought?

  25. Sounds delicious and refreshing

  26. As you were describing buying the fresh pineapple slices back home, my mouth flooded at the sheer thought of it Bintu! Roll on summer so we can all indulge in that sweet, heady fragrance and juice of a perfectly ripe pineapple :)
    Janie x

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