1. Middle Eastern food is one of my all time favorites – it’s in the blood I reckon. I’ve not heard of baharat before though, so will have to investigate.

  2. I love chickpeas if they are in something, like Hummus, but on their own I find them quite bland. That said, the salad sounds lovely x

  3. I love chickpeas and I must admit that this looks delicious and very refreshing, really need to give this recipe a go 😀
    Melissa x

  4. I’ve seen this spice mix in the supermarket but not used it. I’m definitely going to make that fragrant dressing you describe. The whole dish sounds lovely. GG

  5. I was lucky enough to get some of this spice mix in my Bart’s booty too and I use it a lot, especially with chicken and lamb! Love the idea of using it with chickpeas though! Karen


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