1. This looks so delicious. I’m not a fan of brown rice but I do really like quinoa. I have only ever had it sweet with honey but would love to try it savoury. I usually have a lot of salad left over in my fridge will have to try it with with that one day.

    • The brown rice works rally well in this combo – honestly. Might be worth a try but if not then the salad should work to with just quinoa.

  2. What a gorgeous salad! I too received this hamper and isn’t it fantastic! I’ve not tried the rice/quinoa combo yet though – bookmarking this recipe!

    • Ohhhh – what recipes have you tried with these? I really like them and have so many more ideas with what to do.

  3. I bet this is really tasty, I love the fact that you have the wonderful grains and can use up the fridge left overs. GG

  4. I love the idea of mixing rice and quinoa, Bintu! I’ve never used red quinoa either, so that intrigues me a bit.
    I think I’d add courgette and roasted peppers – I love Mediterranean veggies!

    • Since this was meant to be a quick recipes I wanted to keep it all fresh and quick. But I am certainly on you with adding more veggies.

    • I really like quinoa but find it difficult to get the red quinoa near me so it was good to be able to use the Clearspring combo pack.


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