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  1. I’ve done jam making with rhubarb (it was that or be buried at the allotment) but I like this recipe mixed with strawberries, and who doesn’t love basil? Plus I like the idea of using that multi cooker, I’ve only ever done jam in a pan before.

    • Seriously I know I keep raving about the Multicooker but you can do so much in it and It is inspiring me to create lots of new flavour combinations.

  2. I bet this is really good and so easy in the multicooker. The more I see these the more I know I have to get one. GG

  3. I like it. can’t wait to try making it, going to pick some rhubarb from my allotment today. But I’ve got frozen strawberries in the deep freeze left over from last year, can I use them? Will the fact that they will be a bit mushy when they defrost matter for this recipe?

  4. I can’t say I have ever had anything with rhubarb in before, but the idea of Strawberry and Basil does intrigue me and does seem delightful. Your photos are lovely too x

  5. Oh yes, yes, yes to this jam. Love the combination of flavours and it looks so bright and jewel too. That cooker of yours sounds like a fabulous piece of kit and how easy it seems to have made the jam making process.

  6. I love to make jam, this one sounds like a winner. I will give it a try when my strawberries are ready,



  7. Delicious flavour combo you’ve got going here! I’m baffled that you can make jam in a multicooker! Does it tell you when the jam has reached setting point? I really need to take a preserving class because every time I make jam it’s either over or under set.

  8. What a really lovely flavour combination, Bintu. I already do the strawberry and basil pairing (of course!), but adding seasonal rhubarb really ramps it up to another level.


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