25 Best Side Dishes For Salmon

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This collection of the best side dishes for salmon includes potato side dishes, pasta side dishes, crispy salads, vegetable sides, and so much more!

Includes recipes suitable for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diets.

a collage of images of side dishes to serve with salmon

Hey friends, wondering what to serve with salmon? 

Especially your favorite Air Fryer Salmon or your easy peasy 10 minutes Blackened Salmon or even your favorite Air Fryer Frozen Salmon for easy weeknight dinners.

Then worry not, because I have got your back with some of the best side dishes for salmon including potato side dishes, pasta side dishes, crispy salads, vegetables sides, and soooo much more.

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And since juicy, flaky salmon is such a healthy and easy fish to cook and serve for brunch, lunch, or dinner, it is a great idea to have a go-to list of what goes well with salmon. 

Stress free entertaining, we totally got this.

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25 Side Dishes To Serve With Salmon

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1. Lemon Pasta

This creamy Lemon Pasta Recipe will be one of the easiest pasta recipes you will ever make. It is simple, comforting, and indulgent, and anyone from beginners to more seasoned cooks can whip this up without breaking a sweat.

Even better – this pasta with lemon is packed full of everyday pantry staples and takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

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2. Air Fryer Baby Potatoes

the finished air fryer baby potatoes served in a bowl with a side of dipping sauce

Air Fryer Baby Potatoes is one of those side dish ideas that you want to keep in your back pocket. It’s effortless to air fry them; they taste fantastic, and they go just perfectly with pan-fried salmon.

Just toss the potatoes with oil, herbs, and spices, then air fry them for just 20 minutes. A quick and easy side that you can whip up anytime!

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3. Greek Potato Salad

top down view of the completed greek potato salad recipe

This Greek Potato Salad Recipe is fresh and full of vibrant flavors. The combination of juicy olives, briny capers, thinly sliced red onion, fresh herbs, and lots of salty crumbled feta cheese really gives this salad a fun vibe.

Even better, you can prep this salad up to 24 hours in advance, so it’s an ideal dish for any gathering. 

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4. Buttery Canned Green Beans

top down view of a serving bowl filled with cooked canned green beans

These 3 ingredient butter canned green beans are a quick, easy, and delicious side dish made with minimal prep and minimal time.

This is a tender and perfect comforting side dish that the whole family will welcome to the dinner table again and again and again. 

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5. Air Fryer Green Beans


I’ve got some good news for you, friend. You can turn 2 very simple everyday ingredients into one perfect side dish for your salmon in less than 10 minutes.

Even with very little time, you’ll never wonder what to serve with salmon again.

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6. Smashed Brussels Sprouts

a wooden spoon scooping up a portion of smashed brussel sprouts

Enjoy these super simple and deliciously crispy Smashed Brussel Sprouts with parmesan cheese. So, so, so good.

They are easy to roast in your oven and make the perfect side dish for your fish meal.

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7. Instant Pot Glazed Carrots


This 15-minute side dish is so full of flavor, so easy, and can be made with standard carrots or baby carrots.

The buttery, maple bourbon flavors are so good and taste delicious with a salmon dinner. 

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8. Mexican Potatoes

top down view of the completed Mexican Potatoes recipe

Mexican potatoes are another easy side dish and a great way to get some veggies on your plate.

With green and red bell peppers, onions, and cilantro, these potatoes pair great with your favorite salmon recipes, especially ones with a little cayenne pepper spice. 

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9. Crockpot Mashed Potatoes

crockpot mashed potatoes served in a ceramic bowl with a cloth napkin

These mashed potatoes are a great side dish for your next salmon dinner. The buttery potatoes have such a rich flavor and come out great every time without the fuss of boiling.

It’s a mostly hands-off side dish that can cook while you’re at work and will be one of your favorite side dishes with quick weeknight meals.

Just add the potatoes to the crockpot in the morning and mix everything together when you get home. 

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10. Crockpot Mashed Sweet Potatoes

If you’re looking for a simple recipe with a sweet touch to add as part of a healthy meal, these mashed sweet potatoes are it.

They’re a flavorful comfort food that everyone will love. It can even be served as a light dessert. Top it with crunchy walnuts or pecans and take it to the next level. 

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11. Tossed Salad

the finished recipe served in a white bowl

When thinking about what to serve with salmon, a salad often comes to mind. Say goodbye to boring salads.

This salad mixes greens with crunchy fresh vegetables and tops them with an olive oil salad dressing that’s just delicious.

It’s a great compliment to any of your favorite fish recipes and if you love crisp salads, this will quickly become one of your favorite sides. 

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12. Cucumber Salad

the finished asian cucumber salad ready to be served

This salad will pair well with any salmon recipe, but the sesame oil, sesame seeds, and ginger in the dressing make it especially great with an Asian-inspired recipe like my Instant Pot salmon.

This simple dish delivers a nice crunch from the cucumbers that pair so well with the salmon texture.  

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13. Quinoa

a bowl filled with cooked quinoa in rice cooker

Quinoa is the perfect salmon side dish. And this recipe makes it really easy to cook.

Quinoa is a simple side dish that makes an easy and healthy carbohydrate to add to your meal, and using a rice cooker makes it a quick side dish so you can get dinner on the table fast. 

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14. Pea Salad

close up of finished creamy pea dalad served in a white bowl

Wonder what to serve with salmon no more. This creamy pea salad is made with cheese and cubes of bacon and can be made ahead of time to let the rich flavors marinate together.

The creamy sauce ties this dish together to make a healthy rich side dish. 

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15 . Baked Mac and Cheese

a serving spoon removing some of the completed baked mac and cheese from the baking dish

There’s something about mac and cheese that’s just so comforting. And it pairs well with pan-seared salmon. It’s one of the best sides.

This creamy mac and cheese is made with 10 minutes of prep time and bakes to creamy perfection in the oven. 

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16 . Boiled Potatoes

close up view of the final product from the how long to boil potatoes for potato salad post

Boiled potatoes are so simple and taste delicious with little effort. This recipe shows you how to perfectly boil your potatoes. Top them with salt, pepper, and sour cream for a quick and delicious side dish. 

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17. Cauliflower Rice

How to make cauliflower couscous recipe @ Recipes From A Pantry

Whether you’re watching your carbs or just trying to eat more nutritious vegetables, this cauli rice is a great recipe to keep on hand.

This recipe includes a tahini yogurt sauce with fresh lemon juice that mixes with the cauliflower rice to give a creamy herby rice side dish. 

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18. Red Skin Potato Salad

With red potatoes, sweet corn, bell peppers, egg, and scallions, this salad can’t be beaten. It includes a healthy dose of fresh veggies with the creaminess of the potatoes and mayo.

It’s the perfect compliment to your main course and delicious as a side to salmon. 

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19. Tomato Feta Salad with Peach and Strawberry

This fresh salad is just so good! It’s such a fresh dish to have with a salmon meal – especially in the summer.

With healthy fats in the sunflower seeds, the fresh produce, and the mouthwatering honey mustard dressing, it’s one of those healthy sides you’ll want to serve again and again. 

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20. Brown Rice

Here is how to make the perfect Instant Pot Brown Rice with only 3 ingredients and less than 30 mins. It is easy, aromatic and fail-safe. #instantpotbrownrice #instantpotrice #pressurecookerbrownrice #howtocookbrownbasmatirice #howtocookbrownrice #glutenfree #vegan #veganrice #rice

I love how easy brown rice is to make and serve as a healthy side to any meal. Add a little soy sauce and you have a simple side dish that goes well with any main dish.

This fluffy brown rice is made in the Instant Pot, so it’s fast, easy, and perfect. 

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21. Crockpot Sweet Potatoes

top down view of one sweet potato split open and topped wtith butter

Here’s another easy recipe to make on a day you don’t want to cook. Throw your sweet potatoes in a crockpot in the morning, and by late afternoon you have an easy side dish that everyone will love.

Plus, it’s a great side that everyone can make their own by adding their toppings of choice. 

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22. Mushroom Rice

top down view of the finished mushroom rice

Mushroom rice is almost like a light casserole. It’s full of healthy vegetables and flavor and is such a wonderful side dish to any salmon recipe.

You’ll have your carbs and vegetables all in one delicious little package. The rice comes together with just 10 minutes of prep time. The oven does most of the work. 

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23. Mashed Butternut Squash

Instant Pot Mashed Butternut Squash in a ceramic bowl set in front of the Instant Pot

Crockpot Mashed Butternut Squash is a flavorful and vibrant side dish that’s especially great in the fall when the squash is in season.

Pair the mash with your favorite fresh herbs and enjoy all the delicious flavors. This one is made in the crockpot to keep things simple. 

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24. Broccoli Salad

top down view of the completed broccoli cranberry salad

If you want to eat more broccoli, but plain broccoli has you down, this recipe is for you.

This broccoli cranberry salad is so full of flavor. Topped with gouda cheese and an easy to make creamy dressing, you’re going to love this salad.

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25. Chopped Rainbow Veggie Salad

Chopped Rainbow Veggie Salad

Full of fresh ingredients, this crunchy salad includes all kinds of beautiful vegetables and is topped with an easy Asian salad dressing.

You’ll love the flavors that come together in this salad. It’s sure to become one of your go-to healthy side dishes. 

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Foodie friends, I hope I have answered your questions about what goes well with salmon, and I hope this helps you have the most amazing salmon lunch, dinner, or brunch.

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25 Best Side Dishes For Salmon

25 of the best side dishes for salmon so you always know what to serve with salmon. Perfect for dinner, special occasions and dinner parties.
Author: Bintu Hardy


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